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VLC Media Player on Android



Go to play store and install vice media player, I have already done that. After installation is complete, once you open the player, you will notice that it automatically detects all the video files it plays almost all the video formats.


The first thing that I like about this player is you can run the video as audio. For example, if I do a long press on the last video. I get to see play as audio.


Detects audio files and video


The second thing that I like about this player is, that it detects audio files and video files from the menu on the top, if I choose audio, I can see the audio files that it has detected and it has split it into albums, songs, and playlist.
Currently, there are no playlists.


The third thing that I like is that while playing a video I can adjust the brightness and volume, if I scroll up it increases the brightness, scroll down reduces it. From the right side of the screen, if you scroll up, it increases the volume and a swipe down reduces the volume like this.


A swipe towards


The next thing that you like is while watching a movie, if you miss a dialogue, I can hear that again through a scroll left on the screen, like this, it goes back and if I want to fast forward it I can do a swipe towards the right.
For some reason, if you need to break for some time and come back later I can do that and the video will start from the same point, I will show you how? Simply tap on the video and this starts from the same point.


Supports subtitles


The next thing that I love about vice is that it supports subtitles. You can see this icon; it is for subtitles, just tap on it and select subtitles.
This particular video of mine has got subtitles. I am choosing it, it's currently disabled, enable it. If a subtitle file is available on a different folder, you can choose that as well, select subtitle files, and browse it.


The next thing that you like about vice is the basis your need, you can choose the screen size from the bottom right icon. There are various options to choose from. Fit vertical, Fill, there is a different ratio, this is the best fit. While playing the video you will notice that there are these three dots, select it and then there are these options. The first one is about choosing sleep time.


Get VLC Media Player


This one is to playback speed change, this third one is to play as audio. This one is for subtitle delay, then there is this audio delay. The last one is for a jump to a particular time to start, 5 minutes and 55 seconds, here it is. I would suggest you try the VLC Media Player for android. But also try VLC Media Player for PC.


I am sure you are going to love it too. Well, that was about it.

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