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(1)  Following Jesus closely -- It typically takes 20-30 minutes a day to study that day's passage.  Why so long?  We want the primary discipler to be Jesus, not the leader.  If a person gets into the habit of daily meeting with Jesus, learning from him, and doing it there is a very good chance he/she will finish their lives well.


(2) Learning easy tools to fish and disciple -- The tools you'll learn are very simple and therefore quickly reproducible.  You'll be able to very quickly start bringing your loved ones, friends, and people God brings into your life closer to Jesus.


(3) Be part of a small team -- It is very hard to consistently spend significant, life changing time with Jesus, fish for people, and make disciples who will also make disciples without being part of a real 'team' where each member genuinely cares for, looks out for, and spurs one another on to do #1 and #2.  As the weeks become months and since it's a small group of the same sex, we can become real with each other.


If interested in learning more about the 8 week Disciple 101 training 
















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