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Notes on "The Resurrection: So What" and "Lukewarm"


Easter 2007 - The Resurrection: So What?  Francis Chan  April 8, 2007   (33:59 minutes)

  • Starts out talking about "How Great Thou Art" Hymn
  • What does Jesus do when crowds show up?
  • Jesus didn't do what Francis did on Easter services.  He made it tough on people
  • Parable of sower of the seeds
  • Jesus made it confusing so only those who really wanted to hear would follow him and ask what it meant.
  • Sidewalk soil "I don't need the God thing".  They are like a brick wall.
  • Rocky soil,  I want Jesusbut the moment difficult times come they will denial me "You know what, how can there be a God if I am going through so much pain"
  • Thorny soil, represents people who want God but also want other stuff, these material things, other relationships.  Putting God on par with everything else.  That will never grow, so why would I water the weeds?  8:02
  • Good soil.  Will produce 100x seeds, He only waters the good seed, he's not going to waste his time on the seeds that are going to die anyway.  8:52 
  • Don't water those who won't last.  Chan's prayer is that they'll realize God is greater than all the other.
  • Do you want to know the truth?  Even if it's different from what you believe?  10:14
  • Example - Salami   He doesn't want to know, just wants to live in his own little world.   That the white stuff is vitamins.
    • A lot of people are like that about God.  I just want to believe that God is just all loving and he would never hurt anyone.  Don't give me truth.
    • "Would you want to know the truth about God even if it's completely different from what you currently believe?"
    • What if it's not true, what is said at every funeral  "She is in a better place".  Do you want to know that?  Or stay in your own little world
    • People say "I refuse to believe that God would send anyone to hell"  You refuse?  What if it's true?  Most people's belief system is based on what they desire, not on what there is truth.
    • "A Few Good Men" movie  Jack Nicholson "You want the truth, you can't handle the truth"
    • Jesus said John 8.32  "You will know the truth and the truth will set you free".  When you accept it it will set you free.
  • Example - Chan used to think he could sing.  Most people lie to you, but a few people will be honest. Lisa told him he can't sing.
  • Later on Jesus gets another chance.  Luke 14.26
    • Must hate everyone else by comparison
  • God thinks he is so great that we should be so eager that we sell everything we have to buy the field
  • You are going to compare me (God) with mommie?  Johnny?
  • God thinks he's so great that WE should be begging him.  Not a pastor begging you.
  • God's love is so much greater than the love of a wife, kids
  • We're going to find God when we casually seek him, but when we seek him with all of my heart
  • Peter didn't say sprinkle you, but repent and baptize (immerse,)
  • How badly do you want Jesus?  Enough for persecution?  Could care less what family thinks.
  • ----
  • 29:00 Francis is sorry about belittling God about some guy begging you to follow him
  • If you want me then you come after me.
  • You will find me when you seek me with all your heart (Jer 29.13).  Not when you casually seek after God.  Do you really want this truth, this God
  • This is really a free gift, it's not like you have to work for it.  But God will only give it to you if you don't say "yes, I'll take it, just throw it in the garage with all of the other gifts".
  • I'm only giving you this gift if you are willing to give up everything for it because I'm that valuable.
  • That's why when Peter preached on the first service the people said "where do I sign up" and Peter says repent, which means to turn from the way you are living (your old life, it's done) and get baptized.  He didn't say let me sprinkle you and get a little of God on you.  And it cost them, kicked out of synagogue, and family.  The believers said go ahead and do it, I got this treasure, I don't care.
  • He will only come to those who really want him.  That those who have found a treasure that they are willing to
  • It's a free gift gift, you don't have to get good enough, you don't have to work your way up to it.  Jesus says are you willing to give up everything for it?  Then you can have it.
  • ---QUESTIONS--- 
  • Jesus first talk was about four types of soil.  What are the four types of soil?
  • What soil am I?
  • Jesus 2nd talk was about loving God more than anyone and anything else.


Lukewarm and Lovin' It!   Oct 2, 2006  Francis Chan

  • Really hard hitting
  • Tried to give $2 to someone in his church.  Says we make 100 times what average person makes.  
  • It's weirder for someone who makes $50,000 and doesn't think they're rich.  
  • Francis thinks we are absolutely rich.  So rich.
  • That puts us at a very serious spiritual dis-advantage.  It is so hard for the rich to enter the kingdom of God.  
  • Luke 18 talks to a person who has wealth, talking to us.  This is us.
  • Rich young ruler in Luke 18, and Zacchaeus in Luke 19
  • Francis has been studying the sermon for 20 years.  He knows what it means.  It's hard for the rich to enter the kingdom of God.  We actually think our riches matter.  We are so comfortable.
  • Next chapter, Zacchaeus, a wealthy man, got saved.  The impossible happened.  I don't care about money any more.
  • The Kingdom of heaven is like a man who found a treasure, with great joy selling everything.  
  • Never has heard "money does weird things to me".
  • Money gives us a false sense of security.  We find more security in having more money as opposed to finding security in God.  The more you have the less you are inclined to view yourself as needed.
  • Jesus says to this church you are not hot, not cold, just causal about me, feel like spitting you out of my mouth.
  • That's what I think about your church because you are not on fire for me.  
  • A lot of it is because they are rich.  v17  You say you're rich, I don't need anything.  You don't realize you are poor, pitaful (because they are not on fire..  They are laid back about God because they are not desperate "give us food for this day"
  • Lukewarm in Rev 3.14-22, Laodicea, 
  • Scary because it's not a nice letter.
  • Are you on fire for God or are you lukewarm?
  • Francis says he is not judging, but that many in this room would probably say they are lukewarm.  If I were to ask you are you on fire for God or lukewarm?  you would say lukewarm.
  • He is concerned that some are lukewarm and will do nothing about it.
  • He is also concerned about those who do not want to be on fire.  Content with enough of God (a little).  Have enough of God but not enough money and house.
  • Lukewarm = spit out.  Not a Christian. Casual, not fired up about Jesus.
  • People asked does that mean I'm not saved?  wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked.  Does that sound like a Christian?  "I once was blind but now I'm blind" :)
  • If you get it, you won't be lukewarm. you get on fire for God.  It's not about works salvation.  The kingdom of heaven is like "wo, I get that treasure".  
  • ---notes in car  March 16, 2014
  • I got enough of God  but not enough money and stuff.
  • Goal is to be on fire for God.  If you get it you won't  be lukewarm.
  • Explain it's not saying to sell your house.
  • Rich --> Main application, not money, BUT time!!!  Making disciples.
  • Just because I serve in a lukewarm way, give in a lukewarm way it doesn't mean I'm lukewarm
  • ---end of notes in car
  • God says you are comparing me, the creator, to I don't know if I can give up this 401k, house.
  • You riches have so blinded you, makes God sick, you're comparing me with this dun.  The kingdom of heaven is like a guy finding a treasure, a guy jumping out of the tree.
  • The kingdom of heaven is about a guy who says "duh, I can have this treasure, or jump out of the tree"
  • Francis says you shouldn't do anything until you figure out how to be on fire for God.  Don't even eat.  Ask God, be down on your face.  "God get me on fire for you, I need to love you".  Should be all you care about.  Don't go to work, sell your house.  Why is Jesus words so strong.
  • v19 God is saying you because God loves you, he doesn't want to spit you out.  He'll discipline you.
  • Don't compare God with your false security, stuff, and idols.
  • Most loving thing I could say to you this morning.  Francis says "I have this haunting fear, ... that some, possibly many of you, are going to hell.  It keeps me up at night."  That some of you would say that you are lukewarm.  That's all I am saying, I'm not judging you.
  • Why do you think I left the church in June, He wasn't sure about himself.  Doesn't know if he is a person that wants the will of God.  I get sucked into Simi Valley, I get attached.  And God says that's not your house.  Attached to his family.  Francis says if you need to take my stuff away it's just stuff.  If you need to take my family away it's just a family.  I'm talking about God.  I have to have this.  I will leave if I can't pull it off
  • If you got the throne you don't care about riches (tel-evangelist who say God wants you to be rich)
  • "Just because I serve in a lukewarm way and give in a lukewarm way that doesn't mean that I am"  
  • Are you willing to Pray to "(1) Show me the areas I am lukewarm in.  (2) Give me strength in the areas where I'm lukewarm.  3rd prayer- do whatever it takes to get me on fire for you."
  • Then there is 3 minutes of silence while they pray the 3 prayers
  • Prayer at end, asks for God's discipline.  Take whatever you need, ... it's just stuff.



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