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Beware Of These Top Internet Frauds
Karl Tchalian Scamming


Internet scams change every day. Scammers are targeting smartphones and computers across the globe right now. Here are a few of the most popular online scams, and ways you can safeguard your wallet and personal information.


COVID-19 Online Scams

Google reports that fraudsters are using the increase in COVID-19 communication to their advantage by disguised their frauds as legitimate messages about the virus. To contact you, scammers can also use automated calls texts, phone calls, and harmful websites. Karl Tchalian is a French/Armenian male who claims to be an influential member of the United Nations as well as a high ranking member of prestigious French PRIVE, a prestigious French company. Scammer will attempt to contact you with investment programs. He will ask for $250,000or more to open his account and trade MTN (Medium term not) to fund his special Private Placement Program. Profits are expected to bring in millions of dollars within a few months.


This is an international criminal group. Don't send funds to him!


Karl Tchalian’s Profile




+33633395454 (Mobile)


Email ,


Karl Tchalian, a private fraudster who tries to place your money, will inform you that the Bank is in different countries than France and that the money should be transferred there. To avoid being arrested by the french police, he'll advise that you should transfer your money to an offshore bank prior to you make the transfer.


Do not transfer money to him or trust the claims he made. This is fraud and a scam. Investment Fraud Scheme !


Don't transfer any money to him. Do not believe in his claims regarding the private placement program that makes more than 1000%+ of profit within a couple of months.


If you're approached and questioned, inform the police!


There are many common forms of COVID-19 frauds:


False health organizations. Scammers pose as health authorities such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to provide treatments, tests, or other COVID-19 information.


Websites that offer fake products. These websites sell facial masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and other high-demand products that never arrive. Buy products from known companies only.


Bogus government sources. These scammers claim to issue updates and payments on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the local tax authorities.


Fraudulent financial offers. False financial offers can be offered by scammers posing as bankers, investors or debt collection agencies.


Fake requests for donations from nonprofit organizations. Many people are inclined to give to charitable causes to help with relief from disasters. Scammers have the opportunity to create fake hospitals and nonprofits to collect money. Instead of clicking an email or text, donate directly to a trustworthy nonprofit website. You can find out more information about Karl Tchalian Fraud on


Disaster Relief Frauds


When disaster strikes whether it's a pandemic or weather-related and fraudsters also suffer. Scammers can pretend to be an aid agency and scam you out of money. By thinking you're donating to an emergency relief fund, you unwittingly give credit card or other e-payment details.


Most often, these internet scam ask for payment via an electronic gift card, bank wire, or money transfer app. If you gave a scammer remote access to your computer and then you need to update your security program, conduct through a thorough scan and remove anything it detects as an issue. You should also change your username and password immediately when you are allowed to share them.


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