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Top 10 Best International Schools in Thailand

Bangkok International School, also known by its acronym ISB, is an international school with a North American (U.S. and Canadian) teaching system.

Highlights of the study, based on child-centered curriculum (child-centered teaching)

The atmosphere is challenging. Creative and fun by the curriculum of the elementary school. There are basic subjects that students can study.

The Integrated Language Arts teaching course is a mix of mixed language or humanities skills, listening, speaking, reading, writing, spelling and content. For example, learn to read different types of writing, from investigative to fantasy. Learn how to write a book through the writings of a writer named Echo World, etc.

Mathematics For mathematics Elementary school students will learn from numbers. Calculations, geometry, to measurement and analysis of data

Science Based on the principle of inquiry approach ( seeking knowledge), he practiced research, experimentation, and followed the real scientist's way.

Activity Development As for out-of-class activities, ISB offers es after school activities for all students to choose from, from archery training to design, chess, sailing, third language, exercise through performances, cycling, Thai cooking, bands and more.

The study was attended through activities such as Thai cooking, learning Thai culture through various activities.

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