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Little Haiti Will Soon Be Home To The Billion-Dollar Magic City Innovation District
little Haiti neighborhood


This Thursday, the Miami City Commission will vote on the $1 billion real estate development located in Little Haiti. The magic city, which will be headquartered at 6001 NE Second Avenue, is massive project that will take 10 to 15 years to complete. According to its advocates they expect it to transform Little Haiti a global destination for travelers and artists as well as tech companies.


The initial phase of the approvals will be voted on by city commissioners on Sept. 27. If the plan is approved, it will need to be approved again in the future.


The Little Haiti Community The magic city innovation district, the most recent major real estate development in Miami's eastern corridor, which is east of I-95, is among the most significant. It comprises 17 acres of commercial, residential offices research, as well as entertainment spaces. It will include everything from residential to commercial spaces, parks , offices, a train station as well as a tourist attraction designed by the man who founded Cirque du Soleil. This is the latest in a series of major development projects in Brickell and Wynwood. These have contributed to Miami to become an international hub and also increase its affordability and income gap.


But the architects behind the Magic City Innovation District insist they're trying to celebrate and propel one of the most deprived neighborhoods in Miami-Dade, not replace it.


"The whole Magic City Innovation District only takes up one-and-a-half percent of of Little Haiti," said Neil Fairman, chairman of Plaza Equity Partners, one of three Miami-based companies that are behind the initiative. It's not 10%-20. It can activate large swathes of the area and provide employment for the people. It could even be the engine that drives the Little Haiti train. The social infrastructure of the community is already robust. The intention is not to eradicate this culture. The idea is to enhance the culture."



The Magic City Innovation District stretches from Northeast Second Avenue east to Northeast Fourth Court/Florida Eastern Coast Railway as well as Northeast 63rd Street south to Northeast 60th Street. The development covers seven blocks of the city . It will eventually comprise:


# 2,630 residential units, with 14 percent of them designated as work-related housing and 7 percent being affordable housing. The tallest building rising 25 stories;


# 432 hotel rooms;


2,000,000 square feet of office space, and 340,000 square footage of retail.


# 5,690 garage parking spaces;


Four acres of open space that includes a pop-up park that features interactive installations and multimedia, designed.


"We are determined to make the area economically vibrant and to improve the community, while also conserving and celebrating Little Haiti's rich cultural heritage. It's a partnership and sharing of a shared vision of the project. The Magic City Innovation District is an unifying project that has launched many initiatives that aim to make the district inclusive and accessible to everyone.


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