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Wayburn Dean- Song Evaluations and Notes
Wayburn Dean - THROUGH THE RAIN CD Evaluations, notes, and partial lyrics:

* * * * + + + Title Song: THROUGH THE RAIN - It's stirring composition, uplifting comforting message, presented so well by Wayburn's expressive vocals is a song that encourages  a person's faith during difficult adventures, hard storms, and bumps in the road that we all experience at one time or another in our lives.
Lyrical/Musical Notes:

Vocal presentation is stellar and brings the lyrics to life. Wayburn's ability to sing from his heart and faith experience translates well through his considerable vocal talent and professionalism which can be found throughout this album's songs.

 Lyrical message is well written, and beautifully expresses the real hope and enduring promises that we all can hang onto through anything we experience.  The Bridge section contains the lyrical message's main theme point which encourages the listener to walk in faith, still run the race, and know that after the rain is gone, things will be better than before, in God's time.
This memorable anthem has a stirring, driving acoustic ensemble sound, with light, yet effective keys, light drum programing, perfect for this mood lifting song.   Melody is catchy and memorable, written in a major key, full of positive sound, perfect for the uplifting, hopeful message of the Lord and his faithfulness. Bright chorus brings home the theme of God's love and care in a delightful way, the musical cherry on top of this composition.

Related Scripture:(Romans 8:28, 31 & 35-38, 1 Peter 5:7, Phil. 4:6-7)

Partial Lyrical Sample:

Isn't amazing when we find that we're down / spinning in a circle going round and round / Isn't it lonely when fear surrounds / Still He love abounds / Been holding on to long/ Singing that same old song / Gotta just leave it alone / Gonna get through the storm/.

We're walking through the rain / Leaving the past behind / to the sunshine /
We're walking through the rain / Having a change of mind/ Knowing His love devine./We're walking through the rain /We're walking through the rain //

Bridge: When the strong winds blow / You gotta just walk in faith /  When the clouds hang low / Still run the race / When the rainbow comes / See the glory of the Lord / After the rain is gone / It's so much clearer /so much clearer than before//

* * * * + + WHAT WILL BE YOUR LEGACY? - This sermon anthem is memorable, entertaining and encourages self-evaluation at the same. This song helps the listener to evaluate his or her Christian walk with the Lord, not always an easy path to stay on, due to our human condition.

Lyrical / Musical Notes:

 Wonderful blend of Piano / keys / electric guitar / percussion, creating the delightful rhythm and most enjoyable musical support for the irresistible melody and vocals, that express so well the message of this song, which would do well in any worship service or gathering, as the total song has broad appeal to Christians everywhere.

Most enjoyable vocals and backup vocals  bring home the well-written lyrical theme of this song, whose punchline once again can be found in the Bridge section. 

Related Scripture:(Phil 3:12-14, John 15:16, Ephes. 2:10 & 5:15, 1 Cor. 3:10 & 10:12, Romans 14:10-12)

Lyrical Sample:
We're all on a journey of destiny / That for sure will come to an end / Life is gonna pass with certainty / On this you can depend/  Time is on your side / still you can decide / what you'll leave behind /God is standing by/ Tell me do you like what you see / Have you been what you wanted to be?/

Chorus: What will be your legacy/ Are you known for the good that you've done? / What will be your legacy? / You have once chance to write your story / So what's it gonna be?/ Your legacy//

Bridge:  Will you have fortune or fame to show / Is it your name that you want them to know (want them to know) / Do you want it known / That you loved the Lord/ Will they say it was God that you adored?/
Better be careful what you do / Better be careful what you say / Better be mindful how you live / Better be mindful what you give / You have one life / one chance / one time / So What's it gonna be / Your legacy //

* * * * + + CHANGE IS COMING - The Lord is able to change our heart attitude if we ask him, in order to accomplish the tasks He assigns us to do in service to Him.

Musical Notes: Gospel-influenced, with a touch of funk, lively yet poignant prayer hymn has a pumping beat propelled by a hot bass, slide guitar, and percussion sound. The usual wonderful vocals carry the melody and lyrical message, while the accompaniment provides subtle chord support for the melody, and the underlying energy and spirit of this lively dotted note prayer hymn of confession and love for the Lord's ability to change our hearts.

VAMP is well done, full of energy, heart, and dynamically inspiring, yet the diction is clear, and a great uplift to the song.

Related Scripture:( Romans 7:15-25 & 12:2 * Ephesians 4:22-24 * Phil. 4:13)

Lyrical Sample:When I think about all the things that I would do / I made a promise to You / Lord, I know that I still owe my life to You/ I've given You my word / I haven't done what I said I would do / You're on my mind And I wanna be new. //
There's a change coming / A change is coming / There's a change coming / Over me //
VAMP: Two sets of lyrics presented together for the finale:
BACKUP VOCALS {There's a change coming / A chance is coming / There's a change coming / over me }

LEAD VOCALS {I don't know what it is or why I do /  Lord, I know that I still owe my life to You/ Haven't done what I said I would do / I feel my heart, still giving in to you/ /  There's a change coming /  Even though/ I  Haven't done what I said I would do / Its because of you that I feel a change/ A change is coming over me / There's a change coming / over me}

* * * * + + + I NEED A SAVIOR - ( Hebrews 6:19-20)

Flowing, piano-based Worship anthem with a heart for worship and confession, combining a great, memorable melody, poignant, dynamic vocals and a lyrical message that encourages the listener to confess the need for a Savior. It's hard not to sing along in a worshipful mindset.

Musical Notes:  One of the most beautiful altar call songs I've heard in a long time.  Lovely introduction sets the mood and melody with piano, acoustic guitar, and synths. Dynamics begin softly, and build throughout the composition.

Once again the Bridge contains the pinnacle thought of the song, and a new melody is introduced for the occasion.

Related Scripture:( Hebrew 13:5-6 * Romans 7:15-25 * 1 Cor. 6:19B-20. * 1 John 4:19 )

Lyrical Sample:

Standing alone in the night / Only You and me to my delight / You said to me / You're not alone / I needed to hear you, Lord, I cried / And I need You right here by my side / There is no other to whom I belong / I give you my heart and my soul / My hope is growing cold..

 I need a Savior / A Savior / Who's love will never fade away / I need a Savior / I need a Savior /With all my heart, Lord i say/ I need a Savior //

Bridge: A wonderful Savior you are to me / Don't deserve the love you've given me / How can it be / when you need to see / and love me still?/ Solid and loyal, you are ever there / Help me to see / that you live in me / To do Your will...
* * * * + + CROWN HIM - Another inspiring, motivating praise and worship anthem that would find a home in any church denomination service. 
Musical Notes:

It has broad appeal to worshiping Christians, either for personal use or for a crowd, as it has a broad, irresistible melody, strong message of worship, praise and gratitude to the risen Jesus, celebrating who He is; and of course the wonderful voice of Wayburn Dean, who knows how to use his talent well in presenting songs.   I found it impossible not to sing along with Wayne!  An added plus is that  it has meaningful, yet not too hard to remember lyrics, and a fabulous chorus; simple yet effective in praising the Lord!

Composition is carried by a tight ensemble of acoustic guitar, piano, and light percussion, with inner voices provided by a slide guitar, bass and few other surprises that I couldn't quite identify. 
The VAMP is well done, adding a final ending which is definitely uplifting and inspiring, a great finale to a satisfying praise and worship song.

Related Scripture:(Phil. 2:9-11 * Rev. 1:8 & 6:12)

Lyrical Sample:

All of heaven shall declare your glory / The glory of a risen Lord and King / The church is here and we will tell your story / The story of your soon and expected coming/ Most Holy Lord, Lion of Judah / Most gracious Lord / Sing Hallelujah /

Crown  Him / King of Glory/ He is Jesus and He's Lord of everything / Seated / at the right hand / of the Father/ Holy lamb of God is He //

Most of VAMP: segues up a key - Lyrics below are sung together:
1) Back-up vocals: Crown  Him / King of Glory/ He is Jesus and He's Lord of everything / Seated / at the right hand / of the Father/ Holy lamb of God is He //

2) Lead Vocals:  Their eyes have not seen/ And their ears have not heard/  Tell me how can they know unless they them
* * * * + + + DO YOU BELIEVE? -

Musical Notes: Hot bass, and a syncopated, driving counter melody rhythm of a synths keyboard propel this song off to a fiery, energetic start, setting its spirit on high, animating the main melody, carried by equally enthusiastic vocals.The accompaniment tightly cooks along in this energy of sound, found in soul, funk and Gospel at its best. The musicians of course make it sound so easy, but in truth it takes skill and the ability to feel and think the rhythm displayed here.

Spirited Vocals and backup vocals are equally precise, energetic right on the mark, as well as most enjoyable to listen to, as Wayburn enthusiastically tells the stories of faith, with his wonderful voice. I was most impressed how he nailed the names of the three Hebrew boys, Shadrach, Meshack and Abedinego, without missing a beat.

The Lyrical message, told in a story form, reviews for the listener the Biblical stories of faith found in Luke 19:1-10; (Zacchaeus- the tax collector- the seeker), Daniel 3:1-27;( Nebuchadnezzar & 3 Hebrew boys- persecuted for their faith, yet saved) and Genesis; (Noah and the Ark - obeyed and built it despite the scorn of others.)  The chorus asked the listener the punchline and reiterates the value of faith.

Related Scripture:(Luke 19:1-10, Daniel 3:1-27, Genesis 6: 9-21, 1 Cor. 1:8-9, Heb. 11:7)

Lyrical Sample:

King Nebekenezer, sent a degree across the land / Every man / Everywhere / Will bow to the golden statue / Three Hebrew boys /  Shadrach, Meshack and Abedinego / Said we will not bow down / And praise anybody but the Father above / They were thrown in the fire / because they would not just bow down / Not a single hair was burned/ All because they believed///

Believe in His name / that His word is true / He is Lord / He is God / He is able / Have faith in his word / He'll deliver you /  He is there/ And He cares / Now its all up to you / Now do you believe?/

* * * * + + I SURRENDER ALL - This traditional hymn makes a terrific altar call song.

Musical Notes: This rendition of this traditional hymn is a wonderful combination of a dynamic, flowing poignantly presented composition and heart-felt vocals, that flow from the heart and soul of the lead vocalist,Wayburn, as he shares his own faith commitment to Jesus; making this traditional song very personal in deed. His voice is truly inspirational!  Strong harmony backup vocals add umph and fullness to the chorus.

Beautiful, flowing memorable melody, carried by piano, keys and synth in the beginning, continues throughout the song. The emotion of Gospel music fuels the presentation of both vocals, back up vocals and accompaniment. Wayburn Dean's  dynamic vocal ability is on display full throttle as he makes difficult interval jumps, even into the higher register, all supported with developed breath control and timing.

Related Scripture:(James 4:7, 1 Peter 5:6-7, Hebrews 13:15-16, Romans 15:16, 1 Cor.19b-20)

Lyrical Sample:
All to Jesus / I / Surrender all/ to Him I freely give / I will ever love and trust in Him/  His presence daily live//

Refrain: I Surrender all / I Surrender all / All to thee my blessed Savior (My Savior) / I Surrender all.//

All to Jesus / I / Surrender all / I give / myself to thee / Fill me with thy love and power / Let Thy blessings fall on me//

* * * * + + MORE THAN ENOUGH - A lively, upbeat anthem that projects the good news, that the Lord really cares about us, and His grace and love is more than enough to get us through anything. 

Musical Notes: Delightful, dotted note melody is joyous in mood, perfect for the words of hope and encouragement, propelled along by acoustic, piano, keyboard syns, percussion. Equally hopeful are the vocals, performed as only Wayne can do; singing from his own faith, producing a very encouraging song.  Dynamics are perfect as usual.

Related Scripture:(2nd Cor. 12:9, John 14:2, Romans 8:37-38, Ephes. 3:16-19)

Lyrical Sample:

When I wake up in the morning / And I see the light of day / I know just what they're thinking / And I know what they're going to say / The news on the television / Gloom / Doom / and Despair / Another child is taken / And nobody seems to care / But I know SOMEONE/ Who really really truly cares / God Almighty / He declares that my love is....  /
Chorus: More than enough / than fear that paralyzes you / More than enough / Even when demons dare to dance with you (More than enough) / More than enough /  When the pride of life hypnotizes you / More than enough/ Well His grace is / More than enough for you//

Chorus 2: More than enough / more than silver gold riches untold / More than a claim to fame or even your name (More than enough)  / More than enough /More than a diamond ring and all the bling bling /More than enough / Well His love is /More than enough for you //
LA la la la la la....(LA la la la la la).....

THE LEAST OF THESE - A song that asks us to to help, encourage, provide for, listen to someone in need; show our love of Jesus through action. 

Musical Notes: Begins solemnly with an acoustic guitar and light percussion, with Wayne carrying the melody. Sound builds to chorus, where electric guitar and bass support  the accompaniment, creating a delicate blend of supportive sound to the melody and vocals.  Dynamics grow throughout the song. Lovely backup vocal harmonies in the chorus.

Related Scripture: (Matthew 25:35-40, Ephes. 5:5, 8-10, Romans 12:13}

Lyrical Sample:
There stood an old man / In his eyes a story of woe / He laid his head down on a cold dirt road / then you walked by / And he asked you for some change/ Here was your chance to make a difference / But you looked at him so strange.// /
Chorus:  What have you done for the least of these? / A drink for a thirsty man / Fed a child in a desolate land / What have you done for the least of these? / Hove you taken a stranger in?/ Given hope to them again / For the least of these //
Bridge: Whether you share or withhold / In His word we are told / What you have done to the least of these / You've done it unto me / done it unto me ,yeah/
What have you done for the least of these?   Have you helped a friend in deed / Said a prayer for a friend in need / Have you given up your time / Laid you life on the line / Shared your wealth with the poor / You'll receive so much more......

* * * * + + + FIRST LOVE - Perfect worship anthem to end this fine album, that has wide appeal and would be welcome in any church denomination, as it expresses a deep love  and gratitude for the Lord, in a most inspiring way, both musically and vocally
Musical Notes:

Another beautiful poignant, piano prayer ballad that is paired with Wayburn's inspirational vocals, resulting in the stirring of the soul, while uplifting the spirit into the presence of the Lord. It creates a mood of thankfulness and appreciation for who the Lord is, who wants a personal relationship with each of us.
This is achieved musically by the dynamic, well done accompaniment which features mostly the lovely piano chordal support, setting the solemn mood and stable rhythm. Piano and vocals begin the verses; softly, heart-felt, and build in intensity until the chorus, when the keyboards join the ensemble of voices. Bass plays interesting counter melody.

Related Scripture:(John 19:11-18, 1 Kings 8:56, Hebrews 13:5,6, Phil.4:6-7)

Lyrical Sample:
At a quiet time, in a quiet place / I can hear your voice as you speak to me / Like a lowly lamb that is laying down to sleep / Lord, You speak through your word/And it soothes me //
Never let me loose my first Love / My first Love is You /  Take me through the corridors above / Where an endless time is true / My life is all I have to give / So in the end of Life I' ll live with You for all eternity / My first Love is You  Lord / My beholden love is true / Lord / My first Love is You  
Bridge: Lord, no greater love / Has no man than You / And my love for You/ Still honest and true / I will always remember / When I gave my life to You / And the joy that filled me / Has kept my heart anew//
You're my first love //

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