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SONG NOTES: Interview with Mitch about his Music -- modified by username beekielou at 2009-03-13 9:2
SONG NOTES: Interview with Mitch McVicker, about His Music............... asked Mitch McVicker, "How would you describe your music?"Mitch replied,
Mitch replied: "I play Jesus-style folk and roll." How do you compose?  
CM: From a keyboard? Guitar?  
Mitch:"I piece together and make sense out of songs by using the guitar.  but most of the time, i find myself writing on runs or on drives." 

CM: From jamming together with a co-writer or musicians?  

Mitch: "I generally write by myself, but every now and again, i will write a song with a friend."
CM: Do the lyrics come first?

Mitch: "Every song is different, sometime lyrics first, sometimes music first, sometimes they happen at the same time.  It's having an idea of what you want to do, but not holding on too tightly so that you are open to where the song is taking you.  It's a spiritual exercise." How were you inspired to create your music?
Mitch: "For me, being inspired to write just comes down to paying attention to life.  Paying attention to what is going on around you and within you.  Taking it all in.   Often, that means carrying a phrase, idea, melody, chord, etc with you for a long time until you find the place for it to go.  Songwriting is like anything else; you need to work at have to look and listen.  Those are acts of faith.  Seeing and hearing come by way of grace.  Somegwriting is no different from driving a truck, trading a stock, plumbing a sink, or teaching a class." What can you tell us about the producers, and others who helped to put this CD, LOVE WILL RISE, together?

Mitch: "Nathan Nockels produced nine of the songs.  Nobody outworks Nathan.  He is a perfect combination of creativity and being very tech-smart.  He is always moving forward.  He doesn't waste time stewing over what "might" be the best decision.  He makes it...and trusts...and truly believes that good things will happen.  He's onto the next thing, always moving forward.  Spiritually, that was a great lesson to learn from him.

Mitch continues: "Margaret Becker produced 4 of the songs.  She is THE most positive person I have ever been around.  She has a wonderful knack of calculating what she has to work with, and then acting in a way that brings out the best in people.  She is very sensitive to the Spirit.  And a wonderful encouragement.  She makes you excited to be doing what you do.   Everything in this life seems to push me towards the presence of the Lord, not away from God.  Just being around Margaret moves me into the presence of the lord."

Mitch continues, talking about his accompaniment musicians: "Stephen Lieweke, Shane Wilson, Ken Lewis, Gary Burnett, Pat Malone were all amazing;  musicians that I am grateful for.  The life they brought to the songs is something that I couldn't have done if I tried and tried and tried.  It was an overwhelming natural flow."

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