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Final DONE- Jeff Johnson - AMAZED - Published online

Jeff Johnson / Amazing Review -
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Goal or Mission of the Album: To create music that "facilitates an authentic environment of intimate and alive worship", where people of all ages can catch a glimplse of "the God that heals, restores, and sets free", resulting in changed lives  and stronger, closer relationships with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Some of the Team Involved in Jeff Johnson's Album, AMAZING

Album Producer: Will Hunt. (Produced albums for Shane & Shane, Shawn McDonald, Bethany Dillon, Robbie Seay Band, and many more.)

Song track Mixer: Daniel Mendez.

Songwriters: Jeff Johnson, Steven Miller, Wes Martin * Jason Diering * Jimmy Green * Reuben Morgan * Ben Fielding.
Band Members:
Jeff Johnson (Keys, Guitar, Lead Vocals)
Jason Dering (Drummer)
Jimmy Green (Bass)
Wes Martin (Guitars)

Review of AMAZED:

Life's huge potholes and hard mountains to climb are part of the human experience in this world, destined to happen, sooner or later in our lives. Many troubles and dilemmas face people these days; from lost jobs and income, economic disaster and hardship, to personal tragedies that burden the soul and cloud perceptions.   Jeff Johnson's AMAZING, is one of the albums I recently received for review that has all the musical and spiritual qualities, perfectly blended together to offer music that can lift the mind and soul above the current troubles into the presence of the Lord, giving the soul peace, reassurance and joy.

Wow! What an irresistible, uplifting, spiritually electrifying collection of songs; sure to be a blessing, both to the individual listener and any group worship experience as well. I love this album and I know you will too!  AMAZING is a faith-boosting collection of songs to own and treasure; the perfect musical inspiration to get the day off on the right foot, bolstering personal resolve to face the challenges of life, by depending and trusting in the Lord.

Music worship leader, indie songwriter and performer Jeff Johnson, and a group of his talented friends, making up his team on this album, have created a wonderful album, truly deserving to be embraced and enjoyed by both believers and seekers! The electrified with the Spirit lyrics, and the heart-stirring vocals sung in the first person, are paired perfectly with just the right, well-composed, and well performed compositions, resulting in glorious anthems that truly will inspire the listener to have gratitude, be full of awe, comforted and encouraged by how amazing the Lord Jesus is in our lives, as a dependable source of strength, endurance, inspiration, faithfulness and love, as well as being our Savior and redeemer from sin.

 The Lord is a solid rock on which we can depend to get us through anything! This irresistible listening experience is perfect for chasing away hopelessness and discouragement, and inspiring a spirit of praise, thanksgiving and gratitude, bolstering a comforting reassurance of the Lord's love and care.

Memorable, heart-catching melodies, the spirit-filled lyrics , and the dynamic lead vocals, courtesy of Jeff Johnson, are the stars of these songs, supported by a underlying musically interesting, tight, instrument ensemble. Depending on the song, various guitars, piano, keys, synths and percussion provide strong rhythm and melody support, with a small counter melody here and there, adding to the drive and intensity of the total performance heard by the listener.

Song intros catch the interest at once, while providing the beginning rhythm and melody introduction of each song presented. Dynamics begin at a softer level and build into the joyous choruses, which are both musically meaningful and whose lyrical messages punctuate the main themes of the songs. Choruses are poignant, powerful yet easy to remember, lifting the soul and spirit into a mood of worship and thanksgiving.  Bridges are musically distinctive, with key changes, modulations and accidentals, offering the perfect musical vehicles for the the bullet points of each song's theme, with the result of encouraging personal worship, as it is nearly impossible not to sing along with Jeff, offering gratitude and worship to the Lord.

Let's talk about the vocal performances of Jeff Johnson on this album!   WOW!  Not only does Jeff have wonderful tone, pitch, diction and the pipes to dynamically carry the melody and present the lyrical messages clearly, but he sings from his heart for the Lord; expressing his own personal belief, faith and convictions, all which flow through his performances on this album, creating a truly powerful testimony to Jesus.

The combination of well-done musical accompaniment, stirring, hard to forget melodies, worship-inspiring Bridge sections, and choruses of celebration and thanksgiving, heart changing lyrics and inspiring vocal performances  creates Christian music that has the possibility of making a huge difference in the way people see their circumstances and are able to open themselves up to Lord's blessings, especially during hard, difficult storms.  This album has wide appeal and should do really well with all Christian music enthusiasts, and would be a great hit on the established Christian radio circuit if given a chance! 

AMAZING begins with a celebration anthem, REIGN, which tells in the first person the story of someone who had experienced the comforting presence and guidance of the Lord who pulled him through a trial, with a new understanding; changing and broadening his perception of his relationship with the Lord, and strengthening his faith. The listener can relate readily to this testimony.

REIGN - Words and Music by Jeff Johnson and Steven Miller, @2008\

Musical Notes:

Written in a 4/4 meter, features energizing, accented eighth notes played by electric guitars in the song's intro that get this song off to an animated start. An ensemble of electric and acoustic guitars and drums play tight, broken chord eighth notes, at various dynamic levels, throughout the song,  providing a spirited accompaniment. Full, joyous sound is heard in the chorus. Bridge changes keys and modulates in sound with interesting results, while building in intensity, perfect for the testimony offered in the lyrical message.  Melody and vocals are fabulous!

Partial Lyrics:

You have brought me / Through the Valley/ Where I found / And hurt / so strongly from You/ How could I denie/ That You've spoken to me? / Back then I thought /  I was failing / In the dark times /All seemed / To just be in vain/but here I am now/ Able to say/through the pain //

Bridge: You're always here when I'm cryin'/ You are the one who is pulling me through/ You are enough for me /You will always be / You will always be /

CHORUS:  You reign, You reign, You reign on high/ You reign, You reign, You reign on high /On glory and honor forever refrain/ You reign/ Jesus / You reign / You reign on high.//

The second anthem, Title song: AMAZED, builds on the first song's theme, spelling out what the Lord has specifically done in the life of the person singing it, and what He does for us as well; answering prayer, help in times of trouble, leads in moments of weakness, guidance when lost. In the Bridge, there is a well-done petition for His grace.

AMAZED - Words and Music by Jeff Johnson  * Wes Martin * Jason Diering * Jimmy Green @2008

Music Notes: Acoustic-based, lively, easy-beat anthem of hope and faith, with electric guitars added in the chorus, at the height of the dynamics.  Nice slide guitar work in the Bridge.  Bridge once again offers an irresistible melody to go along with the message's bullet point. Besides guitars, one hears  piano and some synths work, all which is blended just right to provide strong support for the melody and Jeff's heart-felt, Holy Spirit inspired vocals.

Partial Lyrics:
Who calms the storms when / I pray for peace?/ Who offers healing/ When I am weak?/ Who came to save me/ From the curse of death?/ Who by His power / Forms life with His breath?/

I'm amazed, I'm amazed, I'm amazed by You / Sometimes I find it's all I can say /I 'm amazed, I'm amazed , I'm amazed by You/ My Savior God is carrying me through/ Oh Jesus, I'm amazed.//

Bridge: God of the heavens, the earth, and the sea/ You know me/ And love me /And care for my needs/ So here I / Stand helpless/ In need of Your grace/ Come and take me up and carry me away. away/

Third anthem on this album, STRONG, is a lovely, memorable,  heart-stirring piano ballad , that would make a very effective altar call song. For, it testifies to the truth that sets us free - spelling out who Jesus is and what he did for us on the cross.

STRONGER - Words and Music by  Reuben Morgan * Ben Fielding, @2008

Musical Notes:

This beautiful praise and worship anthem of faith, written in 3/4 meter, begins as a stirring piano ballad during the verses,  joined by the joyous, lively guitar ensemble in the chorus. Small counter melodies run here and there, adding color to the sound.
Like the other compositions found on this album, the dynamic Bridge section and Chorus offer an irresistible opportunity for worship.  Vocals, lyrics and melody, plus intensity of dynamics all come together creating music that encourages praise and gratitude for Jesus.

Partial Lyrics:
Verse 1:There is Love / That came for us/ Humble to / a sinner's cross/ You broke my shame/ and sinfulness / Rose again, victorious!/ In faithfulness. None can denie/ Through the storm, and through the fire/ There is truth / that sets me free/ Jesus Christ, who lives in me//

Chorus:You are stronger/ You are stronger/ sin is broken/ You have saved me/ It is written/Christ has risen/ Jesus, you are Lord of all//

Bridge: So let your name be lifted higher /Be lifted higher /Be lifted higher / So let your name be lifted higher/Be lifted higher /Be lifted higher /2x

BEAUTY OF THE CROSS - Words and Music by Jeff Johnson * Wes Martin * Jason Dering

The fourth composition is another memorable, hard to resist celebration testimony anthem, sung in the first person, expressing reflection of how the Lord turned a disgraceful, ugly death of His holy one, Jesus, into redemption and cleansing of sin for all of us.

Musical Notes:

In a fast 2 beat meter, bright duet of a slide guitar and acoustic rhythm guitar create a musically pleasing introduction to the inspiring melody and the moving rhythm.  Another stirring melody, and dynamic vocals present the lyrical message in a moving way. Most of accompaniment is carried by slide guitar, acoustic guitar, delicate synths, bass and keys.  Like the other songs, dynamics have effective buildup in sound and intensity. Bridge is most enjoyable.

Partial Lyrics:

Verse 1:At the cross I found the beauty of your matched disgrace/ At the cross I see a King who died to take my place/It's the moment that you made me clean and pardoned my soul/ Amazing grace that I would be allowed into your throne /Not by my own will but solely by Your will alone/ I'm unworthy of this love You are showin' to me/

Chorus: The beauty of the cross is that there is One who has redeemed my soul/ The beauty of the cross is that I'm finally free and letting go / The beauty of the cross is that Your grace has found me just as I am//

Bridge: My sinful soul could only be/ redeemed by Love of a sinless King / So you came to the world that You had made/Carrying sin on the cross/ And you rose FROM THE GRAVE!

Tag - just as I am / beauty of the cross.

AMAZING ends on a powerful note with PASSION, a moving hymn of testimony and petition. PASSION is a stirring love letter of gratitude to the Lord, that asks for a  sweet passion to love and proclaim the Lord.

PASSION: Words and Music by Jeff Johnson * Steven Miller, @2008

Musical Notes:

Begins poignantly with just heart-felt vocals and simple acoustic accompaniment, which continues all the way through the first chorus.  Drums and synths keys, and slide guitar join in on the second verse, adding some umph to the melody and vocal support, increasing the dynamics.  Second time through the Chorus, electric guitars have joined the support musical ensemble. In the heart-moving Bridge, dynamics quiet down, as just a single guitar accompanies the vocals. Sound builds throughout the Bridge, bringing a great intensity, matching the fabulous vocal presentation. Lovely harmony in both the Bridge and Chorus. Jeff shows his vocal capacity to hold notes out in the Bridge, which adds to the feeling of the song.


Your glory falls/ that human eyes can see/ Your grace and compassion/ never bound/
Your goodness so good/ Your love so deep/ In the cleft of life I wait as you  pass by / There is none who can claim the name like you/ To lead us in your presence/ to the knowledge of Your truth.

Chorus: Give us passion/ Oh, sweet passion/ And fill us with the reverence to your name/Give us passion/ Oh, sweet passion/ For the praises of your everlasting fame.//

Bridge: Proclaim/ Your name, the Lord our God /Proclaim Your name, the Lord our God /Proclaim Your name, the Lord our God /Proclaim Your name, the Lord our God //

Reviewed by Julie Carr //

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