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Natural Methods To Dehumidify Your Home
home dehumidifier


Maintaining a comfortable and healthy level of home dehumidification is important due to a variety of reasons. A humid environment causes the human body to be less efficient at release heat, which causes us to sweat more. The humidity can make it more easy for harmful microbes to thrive in your home.


A home that is humid is vulnerable to mold growth. Dr. Joseph Mercola says that people tend to underestimate the risks of mold.


"What many people don't realize is that mold can make you very sick, or even kill you. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, molds can cause illnesses in any way that they're discovered.


The most serious health issues caused by prolonged exposure to mold include headaches, stress muscles and joint pain, flu-like symptoms, respiratory problems and fatigue. It is important to maintain humidity levels within the norm of 30 to 50 percent in your home.


What can you tell if you require dehumidification for your home

Alongside the health signs mentioned above, there are several telltale indications that the humidity levels in your home are too high. The presence of mold on ceilings and corners can suggest excessive humidity.


Another sign of excess humidity in a house is condensation - usually present on windows. Other indicators to watch out for are musty odors, excessive and sudden rotting wood, and water stains. It is imperative to examine your home for moisture if you see any of these symptoms. It is recommended to reduce the humidity of your home if the reading is greater than 50 percent..


Methods to naturally dehumidify Your Home


A dehumidifier is the best method to make your home more comfortable. However, these machines cost a lot to purchase and usually require a lot of electricity. Dehumidifiers may cause dry air in homes, which can lead to new problems. However, there are few natural ways of dehumidifying the structure.





Soak the water


There should be a swift reduction in humidity if you place calcium chloride containers in problematic areas of your house. You can purchase the powdered chemical in big hardware stores. It is a natural absorber of moisture in the air, and is quite affordable.


Sell Your Home


The most simple and economical way to decrease humidity in your house is to improve the amount of airflow. This can be done by opening your doors and windows frequently. It might be worthwhile to install fans in trouble locations to keep the air circulating. It's recommended to install extraction fans in areas in the home which are more susceptible to high humidity levels including the attic, the bathroom, and the kitchen.


Clear Away Indoor Plant Kingdoms


Plants release moisture into air, and this can have a an immediate and substantial impact on the humidity levels. All live plants should be removed from the out and replaced with artificial ones inside.


Take Shorter Showers


The single biggest humid source in most houses is the bathroom - in particular showers. Always ensure there are ventilation fans on while taking showers, as well as leaving the door and windows open for around 30 minutes following the shower. You can reduce the amount of moisture that your home gets by limiting the time you spend in the shower.


Vent Dryers


When you can, it is best to dry clothes in a line rather than using a dryer machine. However, if you do require dryers, make sure that it is properly vented. A condenser dryer is another alternative, since it holds most of the moisture within an internal reservoir.


Install a Solar Air Heater


While it is costly to set up a solar heater but it's the best method to deal with a constant and serious issue with humidity. The heater sucks fresh air from the outdoors. The air is then heated then dried, filtered and then cooled before being pumped into the house.


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