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IE 6
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IE: Missing IE Address Bar
Article Keywords:  IE AddressBar (toolbar) will not display correctly, problem, Internet Explorer Address Bar.  Can't readjust (move) toolbar.
Probably just hiding  This one worked!!!
 It's probably just hiding...

Close all instances of IE except one.
Right-click on the top Toolbar, and uncheck: "Lock the Toolbars".
Place the cursor over the "Address" button and click (hold down). It will change to a 4-way arrow.
Now move or expand the Address Bar to the desired location.

Finally, right-click on the top Toolbar again, and check: "Lock the Toolbars"
Hold down the Ctrl key and close IE
Re-register solution
Yeah, so I had the wonderful missing address bar issue in IE and Windows Explorer.
I checked all over the net and could not find anything that actually solved my problem. Including reg hacks, reinstalling IE and doing sfc /scannow (I'm using Windows Server 2003)...

After much snooping about the OS, I figured out by myself, how to fix it. And figured that I should share it with all.

The problem is that the information in the registry surrounding two dll files has become corrupt and you have to re-register them in order to get the address bar back. This process is very simple:

1. Open a command prompt
2. Run these two commands:
a. regsvr32 /i browseui.dll
b. regsvr32 /i shell32.dll

Thats all it takes, after that you should have your Address bar back, this will also fix the Links bar being missing and will fix IE and Windows Explorer not saving your bar settings.
Control Panel Repair
 Have you tried a repair in the Control Panel, Add/Remove programs?
My Computer
 open My Computer, Show Address Bar from the view menu (if not already visible) and type any a web url when connected to internet. Re-set the Address bar and any other toolbars as you would like to have them appear, then from the View / Toolbars menu toggle the Lock Toolbar option. The problem should be sorted out in Explorer after that...

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