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Kodak EasyShare V530 and newer V603
800-235-6325  #12 Kodak EasyShare camera help line
Kodak EasyShare V603
v603 does not have a view finder
Kodak EasyShare V530
The V550 has a view finder
Comparison of movie file size
My camera: 3.87 meg for 8 seconds of video (.48 meg a second)
Kodak camera: 26.8 meg for 15 seconds of video ( 1.79 meg a second ) or 3.72 times more storage space per minute of video
Can zoom in or out while videoing - can't on most other cameras
1gig SD card gives nearly 30 min of 640x480 movie at 30fps.  3 times as much compared with my canon SD-200 that gives 8.5 minutes per 1gig
Amazon Reviewer's Comments
Movie mode is beyond nice on the Kodak V530. A 1gb SD card makes nearly 30 min of 640x480 movie at 30fps. Its tv quality and its a great thing to use on day trips where you do not want to bring a camcorder entirely...  I have never seen a digital camera with movie quality this good. Period. The aforementioed Canon had a good movie mode too, but its compression was horrendous. You could only make 1/3 the length for the same amount of memory.

The camera picture quality is very sharp and natural. I took home the Canon 5megapixel equivalent for comparison. although that camera was fast and very solid, the pictures were sharp but the images comparably to what you see naturally looked somewhat artificially enhanced. The built in lcd screen was choppy, grainy and not comparable to the kodak.

The only thing I am a LITTLE disappointed with is the fact that you can't charge the battery unless it is in the camera itself... but Kodak sells separate battery charges, so if you wanted to spend a little extra money, this problem could easily be fixed.

After I ordered this camera, I wondered if I should have bought the v550 instead. But after I received it, I felt good about my purchase. The two cameras are pretty much the same except for the bigger LCD, more memory and a viewfinder. A bigger LCD just wastes more battery, and 2" is more than adequate. Built-in memory doesn't matter because everybody buys their own anyway. And using a viewfinder just takes the fun out of taking digital pics. Viewfinders are not too accurate anyway. Oh, and the v530 is SMALLER than the v550.

This camera is great. It has a very bright and big LCD screen with a 170 degree viewing angle, meaning you can see whats on the screen without looking dead on. I love the size of the camera. It takes awesome pictures. I have printed many pictures from it and they all look outstanding. The only downside is a short battery life compared to some other cameras but getting a second battery is cheap and simple solution.

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