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The Black Plague and Europe

The Impact of the Black Death on Religion in England During the Middle Ages

By H. N. Potter


This misunderstanding led to the belief that God was punishing victims of the plague. In the Middle Ages, religion was of great importance. Religion and the Church controlled much of what you did no matter who you were. Many people believed that this plague was sent down by God to punish sinners. People have a need to rationalize the things they do not understand so to the uneducated people of this era, the idea that God was punishing them for their sins made sense. In fact, to them, it was the only logical reason that so many people were dying.

While there was an increase in religious activities, there were also some people whose faith was not as strong because they did not believe their God would bestow this curse of sorts on good God-fearing people. 

The people are the thing that really impacted religion after the black death. Their views on religion were forever changed by the catastrophe that they somehow survived. Some were more religious after the event since they believed they had pleased their God and he was no longer angry with them. Others believed that there was not truly a God or if they were not that extreme, their faith was weakened. After a few centuries, the devotion to religion changed. It no longer consumed people’s everyday lives.


-This source is brought to you by the fact that I can't have my own original thoughts in my own research paper -

Published 4/20/20

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