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RatIRL - The Story Responsible For The Greatest Twitch In The World
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RatIRL is RatIRL is a Swedish internet celebrity. He is considered to be one of the most talented, skilled, and toxic players that the League Of Legends community has ever seen. RatIRL is widely regarded as one of the best Twitch streamers around the globe both in botlane and the jungle. In this blog, we'll be telling the background of RatIRL and his history and how he was one of the most popular League Of Legends streamers on Twitch TV. Keep reading to find out more about The Story of RatIRL.


RatIRL's history

The past the story of RatIRL. The past the story of RatIRL. RatIRL is an old name. He was well-known during season six. He often made moves that appeared suspicious. a lot players in the league of legends community, high elo players, and even some pro players claimed that he was employing scripts or third-party tools to make the absurd play.


RatIRL started his career in elo boosting and accounts selling. RatIRL was known for his high winning rate accounts. He was the owner of every EU West account with a win rate above 80% that had Twitch play.


He began to gain a lot of attention due to his win rate. Thanks to his impressive abilities on Twitch, and other champions the L9 inspired other players to be similar to him. People copied his personality and gameplay, but not the most effective. This is how the L9 became a huge success and has grown into the way it is today.



RatIRL and l9


L9 is a collective made up of toxic streamers who take pride in their insanity. This group was started by RatIRL and Obsess, an ex-professional player from Misfits. The idea was not to be a collective or anything, they just thought it was a cool name and started using the name. The group quickly gained popularity and people started to mimic their disgusting Solo Q gameplay, especially RatIRL's. This is the reason every 13-year-old geeky kid believes it's cool to spam L9 and why this person is often playing Twitch or draven like RatIRL.


RatIRL Face


RatIRL's image is one of the mysteries that the community has to deal with. RatIRL hasn't revealed his face in any way. There aren't any face cam streams or instagram images of him. But, we continued to dig and discovered accidentally leaked images of his face from IWillDominate on stream. He also posted an old snapchat story in the year 2016.


RatIRL's rise


About a year ago, RatIRL realized his potential and began streaming on Twitch. The following of his streamer grew rapidly after League Recap's viral video. He began streaming more on Twitch.


Since then the channel has enjoyed an ongoing audience of up to 15,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch. This is incredible for any streamer.


He began streaming on Twitch more seriously and he has seen his youtube videos reach at least 100K viewers on his RATIRL channel.


Why is RatIRL so popular?


His playlist was among the reasons RatIRL was able to attract so many followers on Twitch. His music taste is great as is his hilarious humorous style of interacting made for an enjoyable show to watch. It was easy for him to keep his fans committed to "RatIRL".


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