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5 Main Reason That You Ought To Play League Of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legend: Wild Rift


When you think of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) the first thing that comes to thoughts when thinking of MOBA on mobile platforms is Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor or Vainglory. Their fate is currently unknown. But, MOBA games will soon be competing on mobile platforms.


League of Legends: Wild Rift - The Most Popular MOBA Game


The article says that in 2020, Riot Games, which is known as the developer of the League of Legends and Valorant games, will release its new MOBA game League of Legend: Wild Rift. It's one of the most anticipated games of the year. Here five reasons to play the game.


A Live Adaptation from the Pioneers of MOBA Games


As we are aware, League of Legends is today a pioneer in MOBA games for the mobile platform. A lot of League of Legends concepts are similar to games like Vainglory, Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor.


Of course, League of Legends Wild Rift created directly by Riot Games, provides gameplay that is most like League of Legends on PC However, there will be some changes that will be introduced in the game later.


Rebuilt the Rift Map


Riot Games understands that mobile is not the ideal choice for all League of Legends content. The reason for this is that players on mobile certainly would like to play MOBA games with a shorter time and that aren't too complicated.


This is the reason Riot Games rebuilt the Rift map from League of Legends and made it a slightly smaller size so that later the game can be more appropriate for launch on mobile.


Present the Original Champions League of Legends


Wild Rift features 40 characters who play various roles. They can also be accessed directly from the PC platform. Players can discover Lux, Ahri and Blitzcrank in the future.


Riot Games will adjust the skills of these characters so that there are skills that will not be available on the mobile version.



It's completely free and there's no pay-to-win


In contrast to other MOBA games where players with specific skins enjoy a more prestigious and higher status, League of Legend: Wild Rift keeps the great reputation of their franchise by making the game not pay-to-win.


While there are skins that can be purchased with real money, the players won't gain anything apart from having a nicer and cooler character skin.


Esports Industry Predicted to be Big


For those who want to become professional players in esports You should concentrate on playing League of Legends: Wild Rift. Riot Games is a great business to manage Esports scenes that they create in their games. Riot Games is a good example of this, with League of Legends being one of the fastest-growing Esports scenes.


The game Valorant is a game that was only launched for just a couple of months, has now presented tournaments that offer a substantial prize pool. Riot Games has also invited Esports players from around the world to participate in the game.


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