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10 print shops offering good quality paper boxes in Bangkok
  1. Try to outline the package according to your own needs.

First and foremost, you need to know what kind of packaging you need. How is the shape How much do you need to type? Do I need to get a sticker? (If it is a food product, it is a good idea to put a sticker on it to tell you the production date and the expiration date on the side of the box) and slowly outline your thoughts. Or looking for samples of the packaging that you want to keep a lot This will save you time when briefing with the designer before sending it to the printer.

  1. Try to study the packaging in the market.

There are many types of packaging. The work will be different. The most obvious is the paper used to make the package. In the event that you will use paper to package your products You should first choose what kind of paper your product will fit into. Whether the corrugated box Tin box made from paper Cardboard boxes and paper buckets That has different advantages and disadvantages

  1. Study basic knowledge of packaging.

The packaging is quite detailed. If you are interested in making your own product packaging Probably have to study a lot of information To see which objects and which designs will meet your needs the most It also helps to save production costs. Without hoping to rely solely on the designer or the package printing store In addition, it must also be based on Thai laws, for example, on the box must have the product name clearly stated. With a short message Explain what the product is The mark will be such as a barcode or trade mark (logo) or other text that indicates product details, etc.

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