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Francis Chan Sermons (The Best)
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The need to both repent and believe (The Holy Spirit, part 3 - Aug 26, 2007)

The Holy Spirit's Power and Our Effort part 1  Nov 8, 2009 
  • Focus on character, becoming the man God wants me to be, not on what I want to accomplish.  If I have character then I'll have God's blessing on my life
  • Is it "I get to" or "I have to".  Do I desired to be saved from sin, ie., do I want to give up my sins or do I want to hold on to my sins.
  • Didn't you desire to live the godly life?  Get to change, not have to change?  Don't you want to be saved from the sin? 
  • When hardship happen's do I just want it to go away or view it as good for my character & rejoice (James 1:2)

The Holy Spirit's Power and Our Effort part 2  Nov 15, 2009  How there must be a changed life
  • Teachs on 2 Peter 1:8-10 (make your calling and election sure).  How there must be a changed life.  Uses 2 Peter 2:20-22.  Goes over the verses that teaches the persevernce of the saints.  Goes over all of the 1st John passages that 1 John 5:13 refers to (awesome!).  Says good works gives us the confidence.

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