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The Benefits Of Chaga Tea And How To Include It In Your Daily Routine



chaga tea recipe

Since Chaga is a natural compound It is crucial to find out the source of your product. Mushrooms are decomposers, which means that they recycle nutrients from dead or living plants. This is advantageous since mushrooms are rich in the nutrients you don't find in the products of animals or plants. But, the same feature may have a negative effect when mushrooms absorb toxins in their surroundings.


Indoor growing of Chaga mushroom powder is much more than just a convenient. It's also about security. Mushrooms can absorb heavy metals and toxic substances from the surroundings since they are natural bioaccumulators. This is especially true for wild chaga, which is known to be located in Russia downwind of Chernobyl. Om grows its chaga indoors without pesticides or toxins. Mycology experts keep track of the ideal growing conditions in this controlled and clean space.


This unique and functional mushroom has been used throughout the ages as a drink in addition to an alternative medicine for stomach ailments. chaga mushroom tea is the right place to start. It is possible to make chaga tea at home and enjoy the advantages. This is an excellent opportunity to find out the ways chaga is used by various cultures across the globe over the centuries.


Brewing Chaga Tea

It is possible to steep pieces of conk in boiling water, however it's much simpler and more practical to make use of chaga powder that has been ground. Because mushrooms are bioaccumulators, it's best to use chaga that is grown inside. Om Mushrooms has a Chaga Organic Mushroom supplement that does the work is done for you. An easy and quick method to make Chaga tea is by adding a teaspoonful of powder to water that has been warmed to 160 degrees F.


While some individuals appreciate the flavor profile as is, others prefer to enhance it with their favorite ingredients. This could include:


Sweeteners You can add honey, agave or maple syrup to your taste.


Milk: Oat, dairy, and nut milks provide a creamy component


Flavorings: Vanilla or cocoa powders will give flavor notes


Spices: cinnamon, cardamom cloves, nutmeg, cloves allspice, and ginger add interest


A chaga Chai Latte is another option which combines all the above. Froth your milk, sweeten it up with a mix of warm spices to create an aroma-filled and smooth drink which gives you all the benefits of chaga tea.


Or, try Chaga Cherry Iced Tea, by boiling a teaspoonful of Chaga powder in hot water, and then pouring over ice with an inch of tart cherry juice; adjust the sweetness to your liking.


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Chaga also contains high levels of oxalates. Consumption of large quantities of oxalates, also found in beets, spinach, and dates, may result in kidney stones. Check with your doctor if you have experienced either of these conditions.


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