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The Functions Of Huawei Hilink App


Huawei Hilink allows you to manage all of your Huawei terminal devices simultaneously. This a great advantage, especially if you have several Huawei devices and you need to manage them all. The app provides one platform on which you can see all of all of them on one screen and control them all at once.


Below is a detailed review of the app and how to download it to your computer to make it easier to use and view. We'll also provide a brief overview of the apps' features.


The Huawei HiLink App

Huawei HiLink is a Huawei product designed to work on smartphone and tablets. This does not mean you can't download the app on your computer. Here's the solution: We will show you how to get the app onto your computer. This app works with different Huawei devices, such as Huawei router, Huawei mobile WiFi, Honor cube, and Huawei home escapes.


Here is a brief review of the app, and how to install it on your PC to make it easier to use and view. We will also outline some of the features available in the app.


The Huawei HiLink App


Huawei HiLink is one Huawei product that is compatible with tablets and smartphones. However, this doesn't mean that you can't download the app on your PC. Here's the solution: We'll explain how to download the application on your computer. This app works with a variety of Huawei devices, such as Huawei router, Huawei mobile WiFi, Honor cube, and Huawei home escapes.


This app can perform a variety of other functions , such as checking the signal from your devices or checking the status of your roaming or even the name of the carrier among many other functions. You can also connect and disconnect your device.



You might have noticed that data gets lost when you move between the different Huawei devices that you have. This app allows you to back up and restore data from your smartphone. The is also very simple and user-friendly for the different devices that you may own.


This app can only be used with Huawei devices. This isn't the case. The app will interconnect and operate with other manufacturers too. Huawei is adamant about huawei hilink for pc as the 'common language used by smart homes', which means any devices from a different manufacturer will work with the application.


Features of Huawei Hilink App


Below are some of the advantages of this application which users will surely appreciate.


Find your network by checking your carrier's name, roaming status , and signal strength.


Notify you in case you experience a disconnect, a steep data use, or even messages from any of your devices


You can establish parental controls to limit internet time.


You'll also have the ability to share files from media, such as photos, without having to make data traffic.


You can toggle between sleep mode and the standard mode.


Huawei Hilink Software Download For PC


You will need to solve the issue in order to install the app on your personal computer. A workaround would suggest using a third party emulator to download and install the app on your Windows or Mac PC.


Here are the steps to take in downloading huawei hilink for pc.


Download and install the latest version of the BlueStacks emulator on your PC. You can get the updated version from their official website.


You now need to log in to Google Play Store or App Store with your Gmail account. So, proceed to sign in with your Gmail account.


Make use of the BlueStacks search engine to find Huawei Hilink.


Click on the price button to choose between the free or premium versions. If you are purchasing the premium version, you are able to claim Google wallets to cover the cost of the subscription.


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