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Second higher education: how, why and why?


Often, already during the educational process, when obtaining a speciality, we realize that we are going in the wrong direction, that the future profession is not exactly what it seemed at first. Or, along with the acquired speciality, I would like to master another one, which will be a good addition and help to be a real professional in your field. All these and other reasons contribute to the fact that a person goes to get a second higher education.

Second higher education is the development of basic higher education programs based on existing or incomplete higher education.

It should be noted that the second higher education is not the same as vocational retraining, additional education, postgraduate studies and the like. This is a full-fledged educational process that meets state standards and is a "basic" education in the speciality. It requires responsibility, of course you can use the essay help, but then carefully study the finished work. It also means that when looking for a job, you can specify all your diplomas at the same time, as well as any of them. Although all of the above additional educational programs will be inseparable from your initial diploma.

So, if you are a bachelor, master or specialist and decided to put a second higher education in your knowledge box, the first thing you should do is to decide on the university, having previously checked its licence and state accreditation. Further, it is worth weighing all the pros and cons so that the decision made is considered and justified.

Pros and cons of a second higher education


The process of admission to a university is simpler: there is no need to pass exams, the recruitment is year-round, there are no competitions.
The opportunity to work in a new speciality in a higher-paid job.
The opportunity to gain new in-depth knowledge in the existing speciality and become a professional in your field.
The possibility of simultaneous education along with the continuation of work.
Good self-education, concentration and broadening of horizons.


Getting a second higher education is paid.
Students are not provided with a hostel.
No scholarship is paid to students, no deferral from the army is given.
Often, training is conducted by combining work and study.
The emphasis of the educational process is on independent study, which requires a lot of free time.

You can ensure the availability of free time by asking for help in writing different types and levels of student Professional Coursework Writers . And then this disadvantage will not affect a positive decision in favour of obtaining a second higher education.

Do not forget that only master's and bachelor's programs are available for masters and specialists when entering the second higher education. Bachelors can only attend a bachelor's program. Otherwise, the received training will not be the second in the highest degree, but only a continuation of the first.

Having decided on an educational institution and a future speciality, you should find a form of study convenient for you. And there are many options here.




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Nov 23, 2021  ( 1 comment )  
Emili Rose (emilirose)

I am one of those who decided to get a second higher education. I can’t say that I’m not satisfied with my first medical profession, I just wanted to expand my knowledge and decided to study as a financier. I hope everything will work out for me because there were some problems during enrollment and I had to contact sop creator to prepare the missing written paper. Please wish me the best in the next step - this is a personal interview.

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