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My Thoughts On The Media And News As An Entrepreneur


I spent a good portion of yesterday really mapping out the back end campaign, the customer campaign. So... what I've done; I've planned out a full - it's actually a thirty five day campaign from start to finish - daily emails, daily value.


During those 35 days there are five separate campaigns. So during that full campaign there are five individual campaigns that take place.


Depending on the actions that people will take during that campaign, because of how we have things set up - they're kind of dynamic, which basically means if people click certain links, take certain actions, they'll receive certain messages.


If they don't take certain actions, then they'll be moved around and specific things will take place.


Now, like I say, the longest duration of that would be about thirty five days, and it's all intended to get people to take a specific action. The outcome action that we want during that thirty five days, is for people to...


Apply For Our Certified Partnership Program


...which is basically at the time of doing this I think a $49 refundable deposit. That's to apply for our Internet Profits Certified Partner Program. Which basically means, without going into too much detail, that's where we certify people as our partners and then they're able to basically leverage and use all of our sales funnels and marketing systems in their own business. And they have my team making them high ticket commissions up to $1,000 in that Certified Partner Program.


So that's our goal - essentially to acquire a customer and then to ascend them up into our Certified Partner Program. Now obviously that's not going to be for everybody, so then there are going to be other things that are available, if it becomes evident during that thirty five days that they're not wanting to do that.


So that was kind of where we're at yesterday. And obviously I'm going in today to continue working on that process. I've already mapped it out, so today I'll be continuing on with actually writing the campaigns, writing the emails - which is quite an extensive job to be honest; email writing. So that's kind of what I'll be doing.


Now I Just Wanted To Pose A Particular Question To You This Morning


...and I'm interested to hear what people's reactions are to this actually. I want to talk about mainstream media. I want to talk about newspaper publications and mainstream media. I just got in my car this morning and when I got in, the news was actually on the radio.


So I'm listening to the news - and to be honest don't really listen to any news, I don't watch news on TV - but obviously getting in the car, you know, I didn't choose to put news on - it just happened to be on the particular radio station that I was listening to


So I sat there for a minute or so and all sudden I got sucked into it. But then I had this wake up...


"What Am I Doing!?"


And I realised how much listening to the news and the mainstream media like that - I realised how much it can affect your mood.


I don't like to do anything or watch anything or listen to anything that might affect my mood going into work. When I'm going into the office, when I've got a lot to do, I'm thinking things through and then planning things in my head. I don't like external forces coming in and messing with that mood.


It's kind of like spending an hour with...


A Friend That Just Moans Constantly


It affects your mood, right? That's why people say, be careful who you choose to spend your time with.


And so it got me thinking about mainstream media, and how far too many people pay attention to, listen to and get absorbed by mainstream media, and what I quite frankly believed to be ludicrous claims, many times...


Ludicrous Opinions And Damaging Information


...that can literally cause people to be affected in so many ways.


I believe from even the small exposure that I sometimes have to mainstream media, I can see how it can literally alter people, turn people against each other almost, caused people to have these drastic opinions. And to me, it's just absolutely insane that people would even choose to listen or watch mainstream media


And so I think, you know, my personal opinion - and again this is this is something that's completely open to discussion and I'd love to hear your thoughts in your comments, whether you're watching this on my blog or YouTube or Facebook, I'd love to hear your comments - what are your thoughts on mainstream media?


Do you look to mainstream media to keep you informed? Do you believe what you're hearing or seeing in the news?


Do You Think They Have Your Best Interests At Heart?


I'd love to know what you think. Me personally, I think the media twist things. I think the media is manipulative. I think the media is used and utilised to twist the thoughts, feelings and opinions of the public. And quite frankly, you don't have to listen!


You do not have to turn on the television in the morning to bring yourself up to date with what's happening the world, by listening to mainstream media as an entrepreneur.


You do not have to put the radio on to catch up with the news of the day, because quite frankly you're not going to get the reality, you're not going to get the truth.


And my opinion in a lot was always been - and I know this is probably where we start separate people's opinions here - my opinion personally has always been to focus on the things that I can control.


If you were to listen to the media, you would believe that everybody in the world was suffering, and nobody had any money, and everybody was stuck - and whilst absolutely of course,


I'm Not Going To Sit Here And Be Stupid


...enough to suggest that people aren't struggling or suffering in the world; we all know there is a lot of real struggle and real suffering in the world - what I'm talking about is the convoluted, manipulative opinions of media that would have you believe some things that aren't true.


And so I choose to focus my time my energy my attention on things that I can control, like operating my business to help people grow their businesses, to help people make an impact, to help people change the world in their own little way, and to do things that I truly can control. I can control my own situation. I can control the things that I'm doing, the things that I'm seeing.


So I'd love to hear your opinions and I'll leave it there, because I'm at the office. So let me know exactly what you feel, what you think. And I'll see you again in Why I Just Employed An Executive Personal Assistant - another episode of The Drive.

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