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41 - Los Ninos en La Escuela Primaria --Dec 1

Los Ninos en La Escuela Primaria
The class photo.  43 in total!  Can you believe it!  Aren`t they so precious!  On the second to last day we took them on a fieldtrip to the library.  It was a precious experience.  Then the last day we brought candies and notes for them, and I started to say good-bye in front of the class, but broke into tears, and Sara had to finish.  Then 43 students ran to the front and just embraced us.  Biggest group hug of my life!  I�ll never forget my first experience teaching in Mexico.  And the sound of "Maestra, Maestra"
Crazy kids in class
We taught Math everyday for a couple of weks
P.E. - their favorite!
On the fieldtrip
I was really happy, don�t let the face fool you!
Precious girls!
The library has a play area, where they had 30 minutes to play! 
One of my favorites
I tell you, these kids know how to have fun, and they never cry, their pretty tough!
Learning how to use computers
At recess
A note that some of the older students left for all of us on our last day.

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Dec 1, 2005  ( 4 comments )  
Dec 4, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
Timothy Sullivan (sully)
Those kids look like they really loved having you for their teacher!  man, your Spanish must be getting pretty amazing...are you done in Mexico now, or just done at that school?
Dec 5, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
Monica Galvan (monica)
Joy - at first we taught all the subjects, but the majority of the time we were just teaching math.  Girl, i love seeing all your pixs and seeing your life across the world.  miss you too. 
Sully - I have about one week left in mexico.  then ill be in san diego to finish the program for the next 6 months
dad - ya, i always leave completly exhausted, but its good
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