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Old LoPinto Family Photos

Old LoPinto Family Photos

 Andrea Dec. 1958
 Andrea in kindergarten, 1963
 Andrea in fourth grade, 1967
Andrea, 5th Grade?
 Andrea in 8th grade, 1972
 Andrea and Princess at Sands Point, age 14. Rob, do you recognize that poster behind her?
 Celia Public School Graduation
 Celia from the same photo shoot
 Celia with infant Louise and Chris, 1956
Celia in her 50's 
 Chris nov. 1958
The young architect, John LoPinto 1950, with some of his paintings
 Louise in grade school
Louise Middle School Photo 
 Louise and Evan 1978

The LoPinto home in Sands Point, Long Island, designed by John and Celia, built in 1961.  Check out the great cars!

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5 / 1000 comments
Jan 18, 2006  ( 4 comments )  
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Great idea, putting these up!  I didn't realize you lived on Long Island too!
Christina Roper (croper)
Great photos!
Richard Carr (richard)
Great idea, it's really neat seeing one "grow up"!
Robert Carr (robert)
wow Ian, I've had these sitting on my hard drive for years but your genius made them available to all.  Good work!   Who is that gorgeous young girl?
Dec 4, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
Louise Hutchison (louise)
Loved looking at the old family photos!
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