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Spain 6.1: Sevilla

Spain 6.1: Sevilla
ok, so this isn't sevilla, but i thought you might like to see what kind of snacks we are enjoyin...
each week (more or less) we have a group dinner cooked in someone's house.  allison cooked us octopus and pasta, and it was amazing!!!  i think it wasn't that hard to do, but it took a lot of time.  and she bought a whole entire octopus and had to cut of the tentacles and everything.  cool!!
ok, so this is sevilla... this is at a convent, where you can buy sweets, and they have this revolving shelf thing that you order through so you never see the nun.
and then the box arrives...
it was this sugar, syrup and egg yolk concoction.  
but i spotted a couple nuns!!
the giralda
this is 100 m high!!! and that's faith on top.
faith again.  she flew down.
ok, i apologize in advance for the quality of the photos from inside the was super hard...
but this is the biggest church in the whole world!!! yep, it has been compared to St. Paul's in London, and of course St. Peter's in rome, and this church wins.  it actually has on display the certificate from the guinness book of world records!!
i tried so hard to get a picture of this.  this is a painting by murillo of st. anthony kneeling before the baby jesus who is in the gold cloud.  thieves actually cut st. anthony out of the picture, but he was found in new york and pasted back in.  
colombus' tomb!! 
keys that we handed over like 800 yrs ago from the ppl who were conquered to the conquerers.  i can't remember who was who.  sorry...too many historical facts to keep straight...
so this is on the way up the tower.  instead of stairs, they had 34 for these ramps (which was actually really nice!!)  but they did it so that 2 men mounted on horseback could be side by side. 
bell...but wait till you see the rest!!
here they are!!  i went a little crazy with the bell shots for you dad!!
part 1 of panoramic view...
view 2
view 3
view 4
bullring.  bullfights are super big here.  sevilla that is.  although apparently it's mostly the old folk that still support it...the younger crowds think it's really inhumane and never go.  but this is the ring where carmen was murdered outside of.  carmen (from the opera) was from sevilla.  so was don juan!!  therefore, sevilla is a pretty romanticized city...
alright, so here we go with the bells, dad...and how they work
i documented it all so u could figure it out.  
another irrigated patio
allison, kesari, me, maggie
fanny (french girl who lives with kesari and marco), marco, allison, me, kesari, maggie
as always, there was a mosque first, which was demolished to build the cathedral.  the only thing left is the entryway which still bears the inscription of that allah is the only god, or something like that.  i get pretty angry about all this religious antagonism, but i'll spare you guys from that tirade...
rooftop patio
so we bought lunch from this gourmet deli, and we asked for slices of this ham, which just seemed like normal ham, and he was like, well it costs 136 euro per kilo, and i was like, ok, how bout that stuff over there, that only costs 11 per kilo.  thanks.
i think this is a famous hotel that we couldn't go it, but really should was the ONE day ever that you couldn't go in coz of some silly event.  oh by the way, the elections are today...maybe it had something to do with it.  but anyways, i got to see a spectacularly gorgeous violinist standing outside in his suit, so that may have been better than actually entering the hotel, so i'm not that mad.
this is the tabacco factory where carmen worked.
not a bad working environment??
i mean seriously...if this is a factory...
sorry, but i don't remember what this was.  it's pretty though.
this is the alcazar...but it's under construction, so instead of making it look ugly the whole time, but put up this picture of what it's supposed to look like.  it fooled me at first.
so this came out horribly, but it's a tapestry that has a map of spain and northern africa on it.  it's like your standing in spain looking at morocco.  north and south are opposites here...
the walls
the convent candy again
this is where the mistress of Pedro the cruel (or pedro the just depending on your fortune...) had her baths.  and the men drank her bath water.  ewwwww.
me, marco, fanny and fanny's french friend who was with us for the day.
these gardens were amazing!!!
gnarly!! haha...
maggie and me
i was told in south america that theis ceibo trees were unique to the region...but i have since spotted them all around pomona's campus and even here in spain.  i think i was lied to...
A MAZE!!!!!  But you couldn't actually see over like this...i had to stick my hand up in the air and take the shot blind...
maggie and kesari
i actually got legitimately lost, and the whole group was waiting for me...oops!!
we were really thirsty, and at the time finding this drinking fountain was really significant...
me and kesari
hang on...there's more...

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