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Spain 6.2: More Sevilla

Spain 6.2: More Sevilla
marco, kesari, allison, the french girl, me
i am obsessed with this flower. what is it?? it has the best smell in the world!!  it was growing on the railing of the staircase, and there were lots of them.  help!!
or perhaps it smells more like bullsh*t!!
that famous hotel again...
plaza de espana which was one of the most impressive parts of sevilla.
usually you can have boat rides on this little canal, but spain is having a drought...
there are horse and carriages everywhere. 
this is in the famous maria luisa park.  maybe it's prettier later in the year??
monument to colombus.
these are sweets in the window of the super famous sweet shop in sevilla.  yes we bought sweets.  but this is the traditional clothing that everyone will be wearing during semana santa.  but i find it a little creepy...KKK anyone??
and then we finished the night in campeon.  note the huge drinks.  mmm.  also note how we were all sharing it.
starrett (juan), kesari, fanny, allison, maggie, me
so dad, this is definitely for you:  see if you can tell what it is...
here's a better version...
I realized after i should have called you coz it was a sat when you might have been at home and it wasn't that early your time, so you could listen to it on the phone.  next time i'm in sevilla, coz i'm sure i'll go back, i'll be up in the tour on the hour, and call you.  it was really beautiful, especially because the bells swing all the way around, and when they're ending, the die out one by one, and then there is just one left ringing, and when it doesn't have momentum to go all the way around, it swings normally, but increasing in how often it clangs, until it starts to die down at stop.  i actually thought about crying coz i was so caught up in the beauty of the moment, and thinking a lot about you and how you would have loved to be there.  i miss you guys!!  maybe one day you can see it for yourself!!

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