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Semana Santa 1: Granada, Paris, Versailles

Semana Santa 1: Granada, Paris, Versailles (Explicit erotic museum fotos)
Ok, so the first thing you should know about these fotos is that I combined mine with allison's and picked the best so there wouldn't be repeats, but the way they uploaded is that each album is allison's fotos first then mine so if it looks like the fotos start over part way, that's coz they do and that would be where mine begin.  So here we go...
This is me sleeping in the Granada airport before our flight to Paris.  It would not be significant except for the fact that i decided not to sleep that night and go out with Ellie in Granada all night instead.  I had real difficulty the next day with which day it was...allison had slept and kept referring to last night while I was calling it this morning or tonight...
 Erotic museum....warning! Explicit!
 if you can figure out how the heck this thing is supposed to be used and how many people it involves, you will get a very big prize.
 cool new futuristic Peugot cars we saw on our stroll down the Champs Elysees
 we took lots of fotos of things that look important but that really we had no idea what they were.  we were to cheap to buy a guide book...
outside the louvre 
 Marie Antionette's pad
 this little village was the coolest part of versaille...again, we have no idea when the heck it was.  maybe for all the ppl who took care of the grounds and horses??  but since nothing is in english in france, there was no information to be found.  sad
 ok, so now these are my fotos...this is a snapshot of spain countryside on the way to Granada
 granada in the distance below the mountains.  i think this mountain range has the highest mountain in spain...
 the girl on the left is a friend of ellie's then it's ellie, susana (who flew with us to paris but then did her own thing), me and allison
 this is me not sleeping the night before our flight...
 the morning...airport in Granada
 Paris!  ahhhh, finally in our hotel room!!
 crepes!  the first food we bought there
 this is me after not having slept.  yep, we went sight seeing the whole day and literally walked MILES
 Sacre Couer.  you guys should try to look for pictures of the interior online coz it's super gorgeous.  the most beautiful interior i've ever seen.  i was almost moved to tears.  really wanted to take pics but it said no fotography and i respect that.
 paris.  the best view we ever got seeing as we never made it up the eiffel tower...
 example of an old couple canoodling.  makes me very happy.
 the area around our hotel...haha
 ok, i warned you these were not all appropriate
 they were everywhere!!
 and nutella is everywhere too.  can you believe didn't even ever order a nutella crepe??
 yes, those are fake tounges that get dipped in water as they go around...
 I actually really like all these drawings.  i think they're really cool.
 just had to clarify what was goin on...
 boys...where do you fit in??  hehe
 we slowed down at just about every patisserie...
 arc du triomph at the end
 so everyone uses motorcycles in europe, and it rains in paris, so they've got this system figured out.  you sit under this thing as you go and your lap, legs, arms and hands are completely covered.  clever!!
 tomb of the unknown soldier
 this costs 5.10 euro
 some sort of gift from the egyptians.  probably important.
 champs elysees
 venus de milo
 i get pretty sick of all the sad religious people
 mmm, yes please!!
 probably important
 Napolean III's apartments.  yup, he chilled in the louvre
 mini statue of liberty, since it was a gift from the french.  more about this later
 we had to wait for 1.5 hr in line, but i was prepared with my gre flashcards!!
 queen's quarters were much better than the king's
 marie antionette
 another important thing
 very cool sculpture/fountain
 i could live here happily for the rest of my life.

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