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Semana Santa 2: Versailles, Paris, Brussels

Semana Santa 2: Versailles, Paris, Brussels
 back in the little village in Versailles
 the eiffel tower flashes at night
 baby bottle restaurant!!
 this is sarah who we stayed with in paris.  she's a mutual pomona friend.
 cheese fondu that had arguably more white wine in it than anything else but was amazing.
 after working on our bottles for a while...
 super intense italian/french/spanish/english convo with the sweet italianas next to us
 and then we strolled along the sex street.  i really look like an old woman!!
 not explaining this one.
 gates of hell
 Napleon I's tomb is inside.  he's the napolean you think of when you hear that name.  this is the army museum
 Musee D'Orsay...we got in for free.  i really like her hair.
 and her clothes
 St. Chapelle, which is super famous for it's stained glass windows.  the church was designed around them so that the walls (windows) wouldn't really have to give any support
 and this was on a cloudy day, so imagine what it would be like during the best of days!!
 inside Notre Dame
 Le Orangerie.  Had 2 circular rooms of monet's water lillies.  he painted them with this exact room in mind.
 financial downtown paris.  really cool buildings
 the count and countesses house we stayed in
 city hall.  not bad.
 oh yeah.  belgian waffles!
 that is what i'm talking about!!
 St. Michel's/St. Catherine's in Brussels
 ok, rewind again.  back in the village in Versailles.  sorry if this is confusing!  really not kidding when i said i could live here!!
 i think i needed to straighten my arms a little
 super dark foto, but the point was that the place was crawling with army guys
 the baby bottle bar
 sugar on the rim of the sweet wine drinks
 you had to walk over the table to get out
 like i'm doing here.  and everyone cheers like allison is doing on the right.
 back on our night time stroll
 after dinner snacks!!
 the best ever.  this was with hazlenut cream and whipped cream.  oh yeah.
 we are windmills!!
 more thinkers.
 something important
 top of the gates of hell
 the 3 shades
 rodin's house
 back in Musee D'orsay...this is a close up of the woman's marble clothes i really liked
 i actually really like all marble clothes
 cool clock.  musee D'orsay is in an old train station
 more cool marble.
 love it!!
oh hello!  too bad he's made out of stone!! :)
 so this is the flame of liberty that the us gave to the french.  and all the french say that the proportions of our gifts (massive statue of liberty vs this pathetic little flame) are representative of the generosity of the two countries and therefore an indication of how good the 2 countries are.  basically this serves as a constant reminder for the french of how much better they are the ppl from the US.  haha.
 St. Chapelle
 Notre Dame...means Our Lady...dedicated to Mary
 the outside part of the stained glass window is meant to look like her halo
 me at point zero which is the dead center of paris.
 exterior of notre dame...the scales of justice which tell you if you go to heaven or hell, but the devil is cheating!!
 a bunch of saints with evil demons as the last row
 apostles.  peter is on the far right holding his keys.  all of them have some sort of identifying feature...
 the cauldron of hell
 outside Notre Dame
 the new arch dedicated to the french troops
 count and countesses house
 Brussels!  This is our first night in our sketchy hotel.  At least they gave us wine glasses and opened our wine, and we stole all these candies from the little jar by the front desk...
 our own pillow cases
 bootleg shower shoved in the corner.
 also bootleg hair dryer...there was no cord to connect the hand held part to the machine, so allison ahd to sit under the stupid thing.

view of the tracks form our window.  nice.  
 the porn mags we FOUND on top of the dresser.  NO, we did NOT bring or buy them!
 daylight! yay, there are women in this city!!
 the main avenue into town
 oh yeah.
 i'll have two please.
 chocolate museum
 hmmm, do i want lingerie or chocolate??
 where do i go??
 choc museum
 forget the marble clothes, give me this chocolate dress!!
 to be continued...

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