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Semana Santa 3: Epic lunch (Brussels), Brugge, Malaga

Semana Santa 3: Epic lunch (Brussels), Brugge, Malaga

ooh jeeze, sorry i picked a really ugly color combo for this one.  oops! anyways, this is in brussels, in that church, i think.
 and now our epic lunch begins.  me with my first pint.
 oh wait! no, there are two!
 so we thought we had a lot of food...
 mmmm, mussels!!
 the waiter kept making weird flemish jokes about us being roasted chickens.  whatever.
 oh man, now there's more.  what do we do??
 allison finishing her first beer...and the only one she's actually liked!!  this was very important
 this is a tomb in a church in brugge
 so the importance of this foto is that there is suddenly bright blue sky when we walk out of this church when 10 min earlier we had had to run in to escape a hail storm.
 michelangelo's maddona and child.  his only work ever to leave italy during his lifetime.
 very pretty.
 it was cold and this hot chocolate was suuper good.
 Malaga! a close up of the men carrying the trono
 there's a bell ringer that rings it telling them to stop, start, put it down, pick it up.  they have to take the corners super wide, and we almost got trampled!! everyone was yelling!!
 inside malaga's catedral.  and no, that is not the exterior above.  that's some other church that was pretty.
 on my perch to watch the parades at night
 it was really cold
 our 'amigo'!
 some of them went barefoot. 
 ooh, back to brussels!
 so this is what we ended up with.
 we're working.  we're just working.
 and then i started singing along to the songs using my glass as a mic.  great em.  good thing there was no one else there!!
 oh wait, dessert!!
 i seriously thought this man was a real statue.  may have had something to do with all the beer we had just drunk.
 manneken pis.  the most famous thing in brussels.  it's super small. 
 our hide out!!
 belgian countryside
 the point of this pic is the dweersstraat street sign.  flemish is a little harder...
 waffle con caramel.  oh yeah!
 mix of old and new
 michelangelo's maddona and child in the middle.
 the biggest brick spire in the world
 i could live in brugge.  if i were hiding from the world.  like in the movie.  or just in general.
 oh look! it's sunny!  weird...
 sweet market
 city gates.  not bad.
 our chicken lunch.
 not kidding...the best chicken i've ever had in my life!!
 more scandalous chocolates!!
 and look what i bought!
 i literally had to say 'can i please have the small dark boobs'?
vanilla cream filled.  mmm
 this was kinda like a convent, but it was for nun type women who wanted to live a quiet secluded religious life without the orders of the church.
 here is the castle i will live in in brugge
 looks like i have a lot of places i will be living!  or maybe they will be vacation homes!! 
 every person in this city has a bike.
 ryan air.  they suck.
 spain countryside
 people on the balcony. the point is also kinda to back up my story about how old people are pregnant.
 precious little kids everywhere i wanted to steal!!
 i think this might be the biggest trono in the world.
 nice day in malaga.  after the parade had to stop because of rain!!
 there were these boats all along the beach where they cooked things.
 ugly beach.  cadiz is better.
 torrijas.  very typical spanish easter dessert.
 our amigos!
 look he's in the parade!
 mom smoking with her baby
 more precious children
 one day maybe i will have one of these!!
 some of them were blind folded
 singing nuns.  this was really incredible and also very moving.  you could pass by these windows every day and never know it was a convent, and you are never supposed to see the nuns inside their place, but they sang for the trono!!
 one more...!!

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