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On a bright sunny Sunday morning we had a very nice flight to Maui, with a change of planes in Honolulu.  We rented a car, and soon joined Becky at a prearranged spot. Since her vehicle would only accommodate 2 people, she joined us in our Mustang. We then went to a restaurant for lunch, and Eps joined us there. We had a grand time chatting and then decided to go to a nearby "Lavender Farm" and explore the fields of fragrant plants.  And here we are!
A kind passer by volunteered to take this photo so that you could see me as well  as the other three beauties.
Outside the Gift Shop
Visitors are encouraged to walk the many paths that wonder through the fields of fragrant plants, exploring their unique bouquet by pinching a small piece, and sniffing it. Very nice
Your may notice that it is a bit cloudy. This is mainly due to the fact that we are in the uplands on the weather side of the island. The other side of the island is far more sunny and dry and brown but full of tourists.
Well maintained paths.
Eps was born and raised on Hawaii, and he is very familiar with the plants. Here he is getting a sample for us.
He volunteered to take this photo. The little Canon A-70 that I borrowed from Nancy was unfamiliar to him, since, as a professional photographer, he uses very high end digital camera.
He also took these photos of this huge flower, which I think was about 12 inches in diameter. We are not sure of it's name, but it may be a Protea.
Inside the gift shop, which I thought was very nicely implemented, and seemed to have high quality gifts.
Becky joined us in our car, and helped guide us to our rather remote B&B  which was named "The Over Yonder B&B.
We checked in, took a nap, and Becky came back later to guide us to her house,  where Eps, who acted as guest chef, had prepared a wonderful pasta dinner for us. It was delicious, and we spent the evening in pleasant chatting.
This street side view is the West side of the house and the least attractive. 
This is the front driveway, with the owners car on the left, and the other guest's car on the right. The guest is an AstroPhysicist from Texas, here for a few weeks doing research at the observatory on top of Maui's highest peak. He was gone most of every night.
This is the South side, and you can start to see the interesting roof line.
On Monday morning Marie and I had a delightful breakfast at our B&B, and then went for a walk.. The neighborhood was very rural  and green, with interesting houses. The lots were large.
Becky joined us and then we went to one of her favorite local beaches. Keep in mind that this is not the side of the island where the big tourist hotels are located.
Well, the camera cut our feet off, but that may be all for the better since mine are not that pretty.
How about the color of that water??
Isn't she beautiful? and to think that she was born shortly after I retired!
Preparing for a stroll down the beach.
Now Eps has joined us with his pet dog. He reported that this dog does not like the water nearly as much as his previous dog, who loved to go out on his surf board with him.  Pretty as a postcard!. That is a saying from the old days. Nobody says "pretty as an e-mail"!!!
Come walk along with us.
The dog would only go in when there were no waves, such as here behind the reef.
A perfect picture if Hawaii personified!
Becky is gathering some small shells, while the doggies commune.
After we left the beach Becky guided us to a local waterfalls back up an interesting canyon. But  the flow was low since it had not rained for a while.
We had a very  nice lunch, and then back to the B&B for a nap and to start packing. I decided to take some photos of this interesting place.  When the owners decided to build, they chose a pre cut  house from a company in Oregon. So all the wood was cut and shipped, then only requiring assembly. This is a good idea for Hawaii, since there is not any significant trees suitable for construction, and the wood would have to be imported. I just loved the design of the house, particularly this side that faces the east, and overlooks a wooded canyon.
That is the other guest out using his cell phone.
This is sort of a living room that one enters from the front door.
The house is loaded with attractive items that the owner had collected.
Nice stuff
This is a combination library/ TV room.
From the other side of the room.
I guess I would call this the Great Room or a family room. Note the wood stove there in the center.
The breakfast table is to the left right against the window.
A nice couch to take a nap or read.
And here is where we ate the wonderful breakfasts, as we watched the day unfold over the woods.
We met Becky for lunch  before finishing packing. Farewell and God bless till we meet again.
Our room
Another view. It was very comfortable and quiet.
Our  farewell photo as we departed for the airport on Wednesday morning.
The flight back to Honolulu was gorgeous, and Marie was very excited when she saw "hundreds" of whales below the plane. Even the pilot commented.
We did not see any whales on the way back to LA, but the flight was fine, and,although we loved the whole vacation in Hawaii was great, it was wonderful!!!


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Richard Carr (richard)
Love seeing the photos!  Thanks for putting them up!
May 7, 2008  ( 1 comment )  
Rebecca Sargent (rebecca)
thanks for puuting the photos up papa tom... it was great to have you both, im glad you got to come to maui.....alhoa from you guys
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