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Spain 9: Road Trip- Segovia, Salamanca

Spain 9: Road Trip- Segovia, Salamanca
Ok so i didn't realize quite how many pics i had, so there's actually one more section after this one.  Sorry!!

Back to Segovia...
 Plaza Mayor
 suckling pig is the specialty of Segovia.  Didn't get to try it though.
 Yes there were about a million and a half tourists that ended up kinda driving Allison and I out of the city.  Which is a shame because this city would be absolutely magical without all the masses of people.  I can't imagine what it would be like in the heat of summer!!!
 door to the city
 entrance to sleeping beauty's castle!!
 church built by the Kinghts Templar where they guarded a part of the actual cross Jesus was crucified on.
 yep, this is it!!  This is the real inspiration for the disney castle that is the emblem of disneyland and all the disney movies.
 I wanted to do a posed picture of allison and I as sleeping beauty and the prince but it woulda been a little embarassing with all the people...
 the deep moat!
 tired tourists resting
 Isabel and Fernando's thrones
 Isabel's coronation.  She was crowned Queen of Castilla y Leon in a little church just off of Plaza Mayor
 the pineapple room...the stalactice things coming down from the ceiling are supposed to look like pineapples...??
 embroidered with gold
 that Knight's Templar church again
 sooo blasphemous...
 ooooh, i found him!!! i found my knight in shining armor!!! :)
 views from the tower
 jeez, how many pictures did i take of that church??
 stork nests
 spiral stairway.  i love spiral stairways!!!
 this man has been taking these photos here since 1942!!
 a better pic of the castle than i could take.
 more suckling pigs...
 random church in the spanish countryside
 so this is the village where our hostel was supposedly situated...
 turns out our hostel was a few km down the highway at a truck stop
 in a big parking lot.
 turn to the left!
 turn to the right!
 look behind you!  yep, ON the highway!! haha
 so what do you do when your hostel is at a trucker stop on the highway and you get there before dark??
 drink wine and play cards of course!!
 ok, this is to illustrate that neither the color of the strip in the middle of the road nor whether it is solid or dashed has anything to do with which direction the traffic goes in in each lane.  confusing!!
 Duques house
 the main plaza, which i think was also called Plaza Mayor
 So this is a convent...
 and in the same building down there at the end is a NIGHTCLUB called Camelot's!! yes, the nuns actually RENT OUT a part of the convent for the nightclub!! o spain...
 Unamuno's house
 Casa de las conchas (house of the shells).  those are shells on the wall...
 Catedral Nueva
 Facultad de Filologia.  I think that's where i would be studying if i were in salamanca... 
 more storks
 wedding.  this couple was soooo cute and so clearly happy and in love.  awwww!!!!
 yes, that is an astronaut that some renovaters carved in during the last renovation!!  cheeky!!  apparently there is an ice cream cone too but we couldn't find that one.
 love the super high parts of the cielings
 climbing up the tower again!
 oopsies, wrong way...
 sheets of music.  this cathedral was really into it's music.  it had the history of the bells, and the famillies of the bell ringers used to live in the cathedral to be near their bells.  but with the invention of electicity they were all put out of jobs and made homeless.  really sad!!!  and also some of the homeless used to live in the towers of the cathedral.
 we got to go inside the church and walk around up high which was really cool.  this is lookin into the old cathedral
 ok so there's a little more...

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