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UMW Spiritual Retreat - March 18th

UMW Spiritual Retreat - March 18th
9:30 am - 2:30 pm
Is this Zanadu?
Well, not quite.......but
In planning this retreat, our committee had many glitches to overcome and get around in a relatively short period of time.   How great is our Lord! We were relieved and thankful that circumstances fell into place, problems were solved, and we experienced a wonderful retreat, a blessing to all of us!

Wow! We were blessed to have our retreat in this lovely Manhattan Beach mansion which is right on the strand! It is the "beach vacation home" belonging to the daughter and son-in-law of one of our members, Sarah. We had to carpool because of the lack of parking. Once we arrived, it was a lovely beach villa, which everyone enjoyed being in - Just the right place for a retreat.

It has three stories. They bought this property, tore down the existing home and built this glorious one.  It has an elevator, hard wood floors, spacious rooms, lots of bells and whistles and a huge recreation room on the first floor, which opens up to the beach.  We were on the second floor.

They share their lovely home with others -- Let groups come in and use the second floor for meetings, retreats etc. for free, which is great for us. Many of our members are widows and / or on a limited income, which kept the price down to just 10 dollars.

Ocean Views from the Verandah which is off the Living Room.

View of beach and PV in the distance.

Direct view from verandah.

I couldn't decide which picture to post, so I did both!

Our retreat theme and me.  I'm happy because things so far are going smoothly!

Some early participants, waiting for continental breakfast to be served. We had 22 women come to the retreat, the first one we have had in 5 years!

Alice Hoyt, my partner in the presidency, makes some last minute preparations. Alice and I are blessed to be Co-Presidents this year of UMW (United Methodist Women).

Alyce Fields helping Dottie.

Here is our hostess, Sarah, who loves to show hospitality. She brought out her white table cloths, china and donated the continental breakfast and desserts.

Everyone is enjoying fellowship and the food! Sarah's kitchen helper, Maria is standing in the background. She was a tremendous help.

Ellen and Mary (past presidents / board members) having a good time! 


Alyce Fields is our board member in charge of reading material / UMW library.

Betty Calame led the improv exercises to loosen us up! No, she isn't wearing a flower hat!
(Ok, so I have to watch the viewer more closely before I take the picture.)

Our retreat leader, Demaris and our music leader, Peggy in action.
Demaris is leading the program. A brief synopsis: First, We explored the many mission projects here and abroad which UMW supports. We then shared how the Lord has used us to grow love in others, and thought about what other ways we can spiritually grow by showing love to people in our lives. Demaris planned some interesting activities which kept the program moving.

Preparing for the next activity. 
It's time for some more music. Peggy holds forth!!! 

After enjoying the morning's activities, women wait for lunch to be served. Ellen in the pink sweater is telling an amusing story, while the retreat committee gets to work in the kitchen.

Vice-President Donna Howland prepares the salad. She coordinated this retreat and did a lovely job! She and her husband are expecting a baby in May!

Lunch is ready - Great sandwiches, Donna's wonderful potato salad, fruit, green salad and chips.


The ladies have worked up an appetite, which is a good thing because we ordered quite a few sandwiches! We had cheesecake (melted in the mouth), fruit salad and pies for dessert.  Yes, I confess I broke my diet and had a small piece of cheesecake!

I'm still looking happy - things are going very smoothly. Thrilled that everyone is enjoying themselves and that it is actually happening! So far, everyone has enjoyed the program and the fellowship, not to mention the glorious view inside and out!


Alice is also pleased, but she has the same problem Tom has in that she closes her eyes too!

Nanny Peggy (my mother) is in the middle, Margaret is chuckling from a conversation she just had with the person next to her.  (Yes, the counters are marble!!)

Quite a few women fit around this huge table in the side dining room.

Ellen, Alyce, Donnie and Carol sit down to enjoy this feast. (Uh oh! Ellen is looking annoyed. Sorry Ellen, no one is safe from a person with a new digital camera!!!)
Jill, Nanny Peggy and Margaret are good sports and put up with me and my camera!!
(No, Nanny Peggy isn't about to eat the flower center piece. Just an optical allusion.)

Peggy Roberts practices a little after lunch. She is a gifted song composer and also has adapted the children's book, The Three Trees into a children's Easter musical.  She has also written and composed children's musicals for Christmas as well.

Women gather to begin again.
After lunch, we resume the retreat program.  By the end of the retreat, everyone felt spiritually refreshed, and really enjoyed the day!!

One more picture of the beach, before my camera batteries died!

Purpose of United Methodist Women:
The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to:
Know God: Experience freedom as a whole person through Jesus Christ;
Develop a creative, supportive fellowship; Expand concepts of mission through participation in the local and global ministries of the Church.

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Katharine Carr (katharine)
glad everything went smoothly!
Apr 16, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
Monica Galvan (monica)
Aunt Julie, What a sweet time of fellowship!  Looks like a great time. 
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