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Quick update Thursday 9:45 am...

Quick update Thursday 9:45 am...
Yes, I know the photo below has nothing to do with the RAAM or our team. 
This is just a quick update.  We are in Congress, AZ.   We had a very good night and morning.  Everybody is healthy and doing well.
Brian & Scott road like hot rods from 7:15 pm till about 11:30 last night through lots of horrible hot dessert but it was only 85 and 80 since it was night, instead of 110.  Good job guys!   Then I think it was Dennis & Rich cranking.
From 4 a.m. till 8 a.m. it was Brian and Robert.  We had lots of long straigh road, no traffic, cool temps, and just gradual grade.   We worked hard and passed another team!
Oh, and did I mention we got to ride on I-10 for 10 miles?  Don't worry, it was completely safe at 4 a.m. with our follow vehicle 40' behind us and riding on the shoulder.  There was about 1 big rig a minute on the road, all in the left lane.   Still, it was nice to get off the Interstate.  I think that's the last we'll have to ride on it.  Yahoo!
Dennis & Scott have been riding since 8 a.m. and are doing an amazing job...  it's probably 100 F out there now and they have a good 56 more miles to go, with some real climbing.   But they'll do it.  We're hoping they finish their leg about noon today in Prescott, AZ.
At that point we'll have a team of 3 (Robert, Brian & Rich) take over, as the next 100 miles are 'the toughest West of the Missippii'.   Windy mountain roads with more climbing, and, despite the higher altitudes I'm sure we'll have plenty of heat.   The RV is not allowed on this 100 mile leg due to the narrow roads, so we can't do a team exchange.  So we're going in loaded for bear with a team of 3.
I have lots of fun photos and videos that I'll try upload later tonight or tomorrow, as connectivity permits.  Right here in Congress it's a pretty weak connection and we gotta start driving to Prescott.

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Jun 13, 2008  ( 1 comment )  
Richard Carr (richard)
I love the photo, did you take it?
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