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TeamRaam 3 - first half of June 12th

TeamRaam 3 - first half of June 12th
Here is what it looks like in the front seats of the follow vehicle (SUV right behind the cyclist) at night.  With GPS the laptop is constantly giving us a real time map read out, and Nick is using a flashlight for double checking the 80 pages or so of detailed printed directions. 
They yelled at my when I took the same photo with a flash.  Race requirements make us tape all the key phone #'s on the dashboard.
Someplace in the desert in AZ at a gas stop 'Loves'.  This was a time station stop and we gassed up.  Here is a nother team's RV and rider.
Brian and I were going to be riding in about 10 minutes, so this is him getting his gear, and Sean at the door.
Yes, the gas station was called Loves.  Gas prices were cheaper than the $4.75 we paid in Oceanside.
Robert, Brian & Sean.   Robert has his super bright night riding light on his helmet.  Whereever you look, the light is pointing there.  It's like magic!
Brian and I started riding about 4 a.m.  We did 10 miles on I-10 for starters.   Then it was back to country roads.   Dawn light began showing before 5 a.m. This shot shows first light of dawn and that red tail light is Brian.  You can see we were always riding right on the right side of the road's white line.  Typically the pavement was too rough and gravelly to the right of the white line.  The SUV followed at 40-70'.
A similar photo maybe 15 minutes later.  It's getting light fast.
This is about 6:30 a.m.  Pretty Arizona countryside.
This is what the back of the SUV looks like.  MANY extra wheels.  These are handy.  When my rear tire went flat on I-10 due to a staple (how'd that get there?), the SUV crew had me going again in under a minute by just giving me a whole new rear wheel.
Here is a daylight shot out the front of the SUV with Brian riding.
A big long part of Brian and mine ride was on highway 60.   It was long and straight.  This shot really shows the 'rumble' strip.

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Jun 13, 2008  ( 2 comments )  
10:19 am
Kathy Carr (kathy)
What a marathon!  Riding, sleeping, eating...amazing.  That's some cook shack there with the palm trees all over it!
10:30 am
Richard Carr (richard)
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