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Quick update, Thursday 8:00 pm in Flagstaff

Quick update, Thursday 8:00 pm in Flagstaff
The below cute photo of Randy and Rich was from this morning about 9 a.m.   Folks were starting to grab sleep!
OK, it's 8 pm and we are HALF WAY DONE!   We are in Flagstaff AZ, which is the 500 mile, half way point to Taos NM.
The team is healthy and having fun.
The crew is doing an absolutely amazing job.
Highlights of the day include the longest, hardest ride award goes to Dennis and Scott.  They did a long hot climb at low elevations from (I think) Congress, AZ up to Prescott.  They had the worst heat of the day and a lot of climbing.
In the afternoon, when we had the 90 mile stretch from Prescott to Flagstaff, we assigned 3 riders:  Robert, Rich & Brian.  We typically rode for 20 minutes each.  Only having to ride for 1/3 of each hour made a big difference.  We had a lot of climbing (7000' total), but much of it was at higher elevations and with gorgeous scenery.
Highlights of our afternoon ride included seeing a really cool old mining town of Jerome AZ, a must visit spot, and Brian getting a super 3000' descent down through Jerome.  Sedona AZ turns out to be justly famous for its beauty.  Happily much of the climbing up from Sedona was in the shade of a canyon at 5 and 6 pm so it was only 75 and quite nice.
Dennis, Scott, Nicka and Aaron went ahead to Flagstaff where we met up about 7:30 with them.  They had rented a couple motel rooms and showered and napped.  Right now they are on the road again and we are doing quick showers and getting some real food from the Olive Garden.    We have to be on the road again in a jiff, so I'll sign off...
Thank you all for your support, friendship and love!

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Jun 13, 2008  ( 1 comment )  
Richard Carr (richard)
Go Team, Go!
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