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Thursday June 12 afternoon photos

Thursday June 12 afternoon photos
Hi everyone. These are the photos from after Congress AZ all the way to Flagstaff AZ.
Here is just part of the hot hill that Dennis & Scott had to ride up in peak heat.
That is looking back down at Congress from the Hill.
Yes, there really is a town called Skull Valley.
These are the rocks in the area of Skull Valley.
This is the beginning of the 90 miles from Prescott to Flagstaff, going through Sedona.
This is the steepest part of the first 2000' climb up from Prescott, all 3 guys did a great job, especially Brian hammering it!
Uh, I think this means a big long descent is ahead.  Scott got to do it, and then shared it with Brian who did the 2nd half.  Great fun!
This is the view as we descend from the crest.  Half way down this mountain is a great town Jerome.  In the very far distance is the red rock country of Sedona.
Tour de France?  Just as beautiful, this is Brian descending through Jerome. 
Hundreds of old mining town buildings in Jerome, now filled with boutiques and crafts and good food, did not look too touristy at all!
red rocks of Sedona coming up
we are now entering Sedona
We are in the heart of the town of Sedona, some of the most famous rock formations are coming up
I think this formation is called the 'pope'
We are now riding North, up Sedona canyon (might be called Oak Creek canyon or such?), but gorgeous, deep, dramatic!
This is *fake* Sedona rock built by AZ road folks as a retaining wall!
Rich is climbing the last part out of the Sedona canyon
That' the Sedona canyon looking back
Scott & Dennis are raring to go from Flagstaff!
Rich keeps breaking his bike.  For 3 years he had 1 flat and nothing else.  He had his 3rd or 4th major mechanical break at the end of today's ride.   Our MAGICIAN crew Sean and Nick fixed it in 10 min by stealing a replacement derailleur from our spare bike.  (Uh, I hope we don't need our spare bike...  but that's what spares are for - brute cannibalization!)

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Jun 13, 2008  ( 3 comments )  
Richard Carr (richard)
That's too bad about Rich's bike breaking down so much!
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Wow, I remember driving back through Flagstaff from a Navigator training program in New Mexico with a teammate in the middle of the night when it was cooler... about 34 years ago!  Those roads are so hot!...beautiful rock formations!
Tom Carr (penpaint)
Fantastic photos!!  Really brings some of your adventure to life for we couch potatoes!! Thanks for sharing!!
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