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The Finish Line!

The Finish Line!
Here are photos from Durango CO on Friday afternoon through the finish in Taos, NM on Saturday morning.
Durango is famous for it's old coal-powered train tour
Our 25' RV turned out to be a great size.   By being smaller it could pull off the road more easily and was more manuverable.
Heading East from Durango we road through high mountain valleys
Brian and Robert had a great climb up a very gradual grade along a beautiful Rocky Mountain river, this is Brian
Brian again.  That is Chimney Rock in the left distance
Chimney Rock
Rich riding in the same area, snow covered Rockies to the East
Brian and Robert 2-teamed the final and highest pass, about 10,250'...  this is at 1:30 am PST time at the top.  Temps were below freezing.   Thanks to having the proper clothes we were fine on the cimb.  Brian got chilled on the steep descent on the next 15 minutes -- when you're descending you aren't generating body heat and the wind chill factor goes through the roof
The next morning descending a long gradual descent towards Taos
Taos is at the foot of those mountains
Sunrise over the mountains to the East.  It was still in the 30's as we came down this valley.
We are now in Taos, a few miles from the downtown official finish line.
Now we're at the official finish point.  A bit anti-climactic.  Just a couple race officials to welcome and congratulate us.  But what do you expect, there were only 20 people doing the part of the race terminating in Taos.
Robert has helmet hair.  He is getting the finishers medal from the race official.  We each got a medal and a plaque.
The proud finishers
We couldn't have done it without our great crew!
From left to right:  back row:  Nick, Sean, Randy & Aaron
front row: Dennis, Scott, Brian, Robert, Rich
We road our bikes the ".9" miles to our hotel (it was more like another 5 miles   :-)   )
Dennis, our fearless leader and organizer!!!  Thank you Dennis!
Robert & Brian

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Jun 14, 2008  ( 5 comments )  
Christina Roper (croper)
Congrats, what an adventure!
Richard Carr (richard)
Yes, what an adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julie Carr (beekielou)
You are hearty souls, biking in 30 degree weather!  Congratulations on finishing the race! Beautiful scenery and great exercise, building your endurance, having fun with a team and creating memories make an adventure all worth while!
Tom Carr (penpaint)
Well, I am speechless! What an amazing feat that you guys have tackeled and conquored!!  See - and I can't even spell it!
Great job, and congratulations to all!
Marie Carr (nanarie)
I am so happy for all nine of you!
Jun 15, 2008  ( 2 comments )  
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Congratulations on finishing the race well and in one piece!! Next weekend a team from our church is biking 360 miles in California to raise money for the orphans in Lesotho, Africa!!! It's called Mission 360.  They have a great support crew as well, but only ride in the daytime!
Katharine Carr (katharine)
yay for you guys!
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