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Spain 12: Cordoba, Granada, etc.

Spain 12: Cordoba, Granada, etc.

Let's start out with a few videos from that flamenco concert we went to:

Back to Feria!! This is the view of the Mezquita from our rooftop terrace
 i know it's a bad pic, but just to show how cool the fireworks show was...
 the real mezquita
 Kesari with a waffle...
 this bar of sweet marzipan type stuff we got
 lupini beans!!
 i really wanted one of these, but never got one...
 did get this one though.  look at all that grease!!
 check out the little boy on dad's shoulders with a cowboy hat.
 me and Cristina, our ayudante
 me, dorothy and carlos, our other ayudante
 me and elena, my intercambio
 the most amazing late night snack EVER.  gonna miss these STUFFED potatoes...
 So on one of Maggie's last days we did a paseo through Cordoba to make sure we took pictures of everything that we needed pictures of.  The yellow building in the back is the facultad where I had all my classes Mon-Thurs
 The front
 inner courtyard
 looking out the front door
 stairs going up to one of my classes
 courtyard where we always waited for the teacher who showed up 15 min late every day
 ok, and now we leave the facultad and start our walk through the city.  this is the restaurant right next door that always smelled really good
 they put these shades up to keep the city cooler during the summer
 steps going up to one of our favorite hangouts
 my walk to school every day
 my walk home every day
 part of my run
 more of my run
 in a tea house in cordoba on maggie's last real night
 maggie's going away party n allison's rooftop
 maggie and i made chocolate and walnut covered frozen bananas.  yes yes,  good!!
 after 8's game.  start with the chocolate mint on your forehead, and have to get it to your mouth without using your hands.
 Starrett and Edu, piso mates
 house mates!!
 Edu cheated.  he always used his hands
 him getting caught cheating.
 hot! cooling off spanish style.
 last going away hug, taxi waiting, 6am
 Fun night in Starrett's piso. 
 the 4 boys that live there.
 the AC's pretty cool and really works!!
 Starrett's reaction upon discovering that their apartment had AC
 dogpile!  Allison and I are actually under there.
 you can just see the very tops of our heads.  and there's also another guy under there you can't see
 the aftermath
 edu got smacked in the face
 although a fight would imply i was also throwing water...which i was not...this is after the first round and is dry compared to when he came back with more water!!
 night time bbq
 Dorothy's last night and going away party
 Caitlyn and her Italian boyfriend
 me, Marc (highschool friend who's visiting on his post graduation europe trip), and Ana
 Road trip Day 1! Granada
 Evan, Ana and Starrett
 Important statue of Colombus asking Isabela for permission to sail to the New World.  A lot of cities in Spain claim that this event happened in their town. 
 It was pretty hot, so Ana and i jumped in the fountain.
 Back in Starrett's piso...they have this really cute chicken, but they're raising it to eat it...It's from Sergio's pueblo, and he brought it back with him after a weekend at home.

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