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2008-06 Our new car

Our new car
We drove to Santa Cruz to buy a 3 year old 2005 Ford Focus Wagon for a really good deal from the original owners.  We stopped at the ice cream store that Kathy says hasn't changed one bit in 45 years!
It's the same length as our Corolla and Consumer Reports says it's reliability is above average.  I saw all their records, they spent a lot of money on it's scheduled services ($1,000 for it's 30,000 miles service) and it only has 39,000 miles.
Here's what I was looking for, lots of trunk space (like an SUV) but good gas mileage.  (following added later)Freeway driving at low 70s mph and with A/C on it gets 29 miles to the gallon.
Look at all that space!
When was the last time you sat in your trunk?
So 3 1/2 years ago the MSRP was $19,540 (and they paid $1,400 for a 5 year maintenance agreement that is transferable).  We paid $9,200 which was Kelly blue book (American cars really depreciate the first few years).  It's nice having ABS brakes and side air bags.  Hope it's as reliable as Consumer Reports says they are.  Thank you Jesus for this car!  Looking forward to putting kayaks on top or lots of either camping or target practice stuff in the back.  Now Monica & Oscar can buy our old Honda to use after their big move to Lodi, California this weekend!

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