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So Marc's we got invited to go swimming at my friend's boyfriend's house, and I was pretty impressed by the sound system in her boyfriend's car.
 close up
 the pool
 market in Sevilla on the way to meet Amy in Lisbon.  I was seriously hoping they'd have squirrels (Linda...), but we didn't see any.  only chipmunks
 and ferrets
 Dreaded dog
 If you look closely, not only is the driver napping in the driver's seat, but there's also a man napping underneath the truck right behind the wheels!!  better not back up!!
 driving into Lisbon
 We made some Spanish ERASMUS students from Madrid and other places studying abroad in Lisbon.  All the Spaniards were in the street after Spain beat Italy in the Eurocup.
 My new friend.
 This is the spaniard that initiated contact with us after hearing us loud americans in the street.  He heard us speaking english and immediately wanted us to spend the evening with them.
 Streets of Lisbon
 This could be SF
 Golden Gate Bridge! 
 And a Christ statue like in Rio
 Lisbon (and maybe even Portugal in general) is known for its tiled buildings. 
 I'm wearing them thank you very much...
 This amazing little terrace bar place with an amazing view that we stopped and had a cool drink at.
 Cool monastary with arches in the back ground, right next to the viewing platform
 I love this picture.  Starrett was so happy!!
 Pretty flowers
 We unfortunately left the day before one of their Saint's day fiestas, but we saw all the decorations for it.
 Rio and SF in the same view!!
 Don't know those guys, but thought that was a cool picture
 Cool plaza view
 Youcan see the viewing platform where we were earlier lounging on the sofas.
 LOVE this picture.
 Cousins giggling
 Portugal flag.
 Lisbon flag
 Old castle
 Pensive Starrett
 The boys
 More aqueducts
 I love flags
 Silly goose
 Amy in the arch
 Portugues old men playing cards.  They all looked like my grandma and her family!! And they were all tiny!  I was proud when I got asked if I was Portuguese!!  But I had to confess that i'm only a quarter...
 tiled building
 Old ladies talking to each other out their windows.
 Tram of Lisbon
 Faro!!  Amy and I bought our gear for Morocco.  We've heard that you're meant to be covered from head to toe, so we're gonna take it seriously. 
 Stunning, I know.  I actually bought that headband to go with my halloween costume!
 Faro harbor
 Weird sea slug that looked like a bat sort of.  It moved like a sting ray.  They were everywhere!!
 Me modelling Amy's new necklace
 My favorite series of pics EVER.  seriously these are SO cute. 
 Oh Ames. 
 There we go
 I took this pic because of the cool light and shadow of his hands and cards on his shirt, but it actually turned out to be a pretty good pic of Starrett!!
 I'm really glad that the volunteer fire dept has little pedal bike things to race to when there's a fire...seriously what do they do with these??
 Boat we took to the beachy island
 The boys.  Keeping each other sane.
 Digging for clams.
 Old fishing village
 Oh yeah.
 Eyelid covers! After they got burned...
 Portuguese locals
 Almania vs. Turkey game.  GO SPAIN!!!
 Back in Starrett's piso.  This is love in a picture.
 So next up will be pics from my and Amy's trip to Morocco!! 

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