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Visiting Tom Carr's Shares (account name: penpaint)
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Siblings' Visit to Jim's April 2006 Part 2

Siblings' Visit to Jim & Jo's
April 2006 - Part 2 of 5
Another of the attractive waterfalls at the World War II Memorial
Memorial to the crucial battle at Midway.
There are columns representing each state and territory.
Our shuttle struggled through the Washington traffic, finally depositing us back at
Union Station.  Here is another view of the main room.
Now we are looking down on the lower level where there is a huge food court of great variety. We had
a quick meal, then boarded the Metro for our ride back to Wheaton, and thence on to Jim's.
I was so impressed with all of the flowering bushes and trees that I took a brief walk to grab some photos.
Here are my much loved LILACS, that I miss at home in California. What a sensational fragrance!
Jim said that this is called a DOUBLE CHERRY tree.
Jim and Jo's charming home where we all stayed as favored guests. Large parts of the lawn is
composed of the Zoyyosa grass, that is lush and thick in the summer, but is brown during the
winter, So, soon it will be a rich green again.
This is the wonderful large storage shed that Jim built a few years ago,
and recently covered with vinyl shingles. Great job!!
The next day, Thursday, we all drove to visit the Smithsonian's new Aerospace Museum,
located near Washington's Dulles International Airport.  It is huge.
I think that this statue represents man's drive to master Air and Space.
This is the famous WWII Navy fighter called the CORSAIR.
This is the Curtis P-40 made famous by the legendary "FLYING TIGERS".
A famous training plane that was used by most of the American
pilots during their flight training. It was dubbed the "Yellow Peril".
Here is the first American commercial jet plane, the prototype of the Boeing 707. This plane was doing its flight testing at the main Boeing Field in Seattle when I was working there. My office was beside the field with a great view of the runway. I watched this plane fly hundreds of times.  The biggest event in Seattle each year was the annual Seafare, when the fastest racing boats in the world raced. One year, as I was standing on a hill overlooking the race course, I saw this 707 airplane start a low level pass from south to north right up the middle of the lake. To everyone's utter astonishment, the pilot did a slow roll! As if that were not enough, reversed his course and did another slow roll. What a plane!  The tiny plane in the foreground is one of the most successful racers ever built.
Chuck is reading about the P-38 in the background.
This is the most famous Boeing B-29 Super-fortress of WW 2.  It is called the Enola Gaye,
and it is the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan.
This is an Autogyro, similar to ones that you have probably seen in old movies.  This one could be driven
on a road or fly! This class of aircraft with unpowered rotor blades was made obsolete when the helicopters
with powered roters were developed, because the helicopters could hover, and the autogyro could not.
Continued on Part 3

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May 9, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
May 15, 2006  ( 2 comments )  
Christina Roper (croper)
Looks like spring is a nice time to be back east, what beautiful flowering trees!
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Wow, I've never heard of an autogyro plane that can drive or fly!
Jun 3, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
Katharine Carr (katharine)
neat planes. those are some impressive cherry trees. There are a few on campus here but they never bloom like that!
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