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Visiting Julie Carr's Shares (account name: beekielou)
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The Brumder Bed and Breakfast -Complete tour of 2nd and Third floors

The Brumder Bed and Breakfast - Summer 2008
 Tour of 2nd and Third floors
2nd Floor - 1ST and 2nd room of George's Suite, Emma's Room
Pictures of The Gold Suite
Third Floor
- Gyneth's Suite, The Blue Room
and Marion's Suite.

Improvements on the first floor  are shown at the end of the blog.

We love Visitors!

Front Porch

Decor in the Mudroom.

Main Staircase leading up to the 2nd floor landing.

View of library, entry hall and the  entryway, front door mud room, from the stairs.

View of entrance to dining room on the left, and the parlor on the right, from the stairs.

Closeup of bannister.

Close up of pictures of people from the era.

Top of Stairs on 2nd Floor Landing.

2nd Floor landing

DVDs, Books and VCR tapes for our guests *

 Middle door leads to the Gold Room * The door on the right leads to the main bedroom of the George Suite.

Let's go inside!!!

Standing in the main room of The George Suite, looking down the hall.

Bay windows in the middle.


George's Suite - The bathroom with a shower is between the main bedroom  and the second room of this suite. (Not shown). The entrance to this second room.

This picture was taken in early May. We have since gotten a new rug for this room.

Closeup of antiques in the corner.

Whirlpool tub, with door to the 2nd floor landing to the left.

Other side of the door to second room of the George's Suite.

Lets go back to the Gold Room.

Door to the Gold Room Suite

This room has new curtains.

Mrror above the fireplace.

We will now turn left down the hall past the Gold Suite (door on the far right), the DVD cubbard to the Emma Room.

Other end of the hall,  standing in front of the Emma room, looking into the George suite as the door is open.

Turning around in the hall, one sees the door to the Emma Room, our newest room. It had been the suite that our Inn Keeper was staying in, until we tore the third floor kitchen out and built her apartment.

This suite had originally been two small rooms, which were probably the Brumder children's rooms.  Carol, the previous owner, had taken the wall out / took off the door,  between the two rooms and made one two room suite.
Door to the right once opened up to the smaller room.

Once inside the room - On the left, is the bedroom. Still looking for a rug, but since this picture was taken , new items were added.

It is an antique brass bed. We now have some new pictures on the walls.

TV and DVD player will be moved into the cubbard seen on the right in the picture below.


The  huge, two headed shower and toilet is in the room on the right that has the door open.
Walking back toward the door, and going into the second room, one sees.....


The whirl pool spa on the right, next to the bathroom, and

The beautiful gas log fireplace on the left.


Right outside the Emma Room on the right, is the staircase leading up to the third floor.
Servants and children used this staircase - Up  to the third floor, or down to the kitchen.

Let's go up to the third floor! 



Third floor hallway leading to Blue Room. Marion's Suite in the middle, and Gyneth's suite on the right.

View from the hallway door.

The toilet and shower are out of sight, off to the left, just inside the door.

Whirlpool spa with a marble backsplash.


Gas Log Fireplace.


Ceiling light.



View of 231st Street.

View from corner of the room by window.


Cubbard just right of the door.



Doorway to Marion's Suite

Gas Fireplace

View of  whirlpool tub with a marble backsplash.

View of the glorious marble shower, and the boarder.

To the left of Marion's Room

Door way into The Blue Room.



Electric Fireplace

New furniture arrangements on first floor


Parlor during  May visit.

Moved from dining room to parlor.

Piano moved from dining room to parlor.

Closeup of parlor fireplace.
Closeup of wall and molding above the fireplace.



Closeup of Woodwork on Fireplace mantle.

Green tile mosiac was work of an apprentice of Frank Loyd Wright.




Moved from mud room / entryway to dining room




Eating nook by the bay window.

New curtains by the eating nook.

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Tom Carr (penpaint)
This sure brought back great memories of our visit. It is truely a wonderful place, full of many beautiful items. Thanks for sharing!
Oct 17, 2008  ( 1 comment )  
Tom Carr (penpaint)
Ah, it is so beautiful and retful. We had a wonderful time there and look forward to another visit.
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