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UMW Quilters in Action

UMW Quilters in Action - Page 1

The  Quilters Circle put together quilts for a donation of 350 dollars, which they  give to the mission fund of our Riviera United Methodist Women unit.  This quilt came to them in pieces, with just the cross stitch squares.  First step was to sew the squares together, which they did the week before at Rosmary's home.
Carol, Rosemary and Phylis consult about what needs to be done next.

Close up of squares. Before quilting can begin, each square needs to be marked where the quilting will be done, and the boarders must be stenciled with the design as well.

  Bev and Phylis work on drawing quilting squares around the flowers while Rosemary and Carol work on the stenciling of the boarders.

Close up of stencils used on the boarders,

Rosemary and Carol figure out how to match the designs at the corner.
Carol holds the stencil while Rosemary draws the lines of the design.

Bev begins to draw in the quilting squares around the flower design.
An experienced quilter, she uses a ruler. 
Phylis uses a stencil to draw in the squares.

Rosemary and Carol start stenciling down the other side.

Rosemary, Carol and I work together.

The Quilters have a snack and a cup of tea!
From left to right: Bev, Phylis, Carol and Rosemary.

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May 12, 2006  ( 3 comments )  
Richard Carr (richard)
Very interesting!
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Such detailed work!
Robert Carr (robert)
Aren't quilts beautiful.  Art & functional!
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