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May 13th - Birthday Bonanza 2006 - Page 1

Our Spring (Fun)draiser Event: May 13th - UMW Birthday Bonanza 2006
We celebrated life and everyone's birthday, (30 people!),focusing on a Specific Theme: Sharing Our Gifts with Each Other.
Our  semi-catered luncheon and program began at 11:30 and ended around 2:00. The planning committee and the entertainment arrived in fellowship hall, beginning at 10:00 to set up and prepare for the day's festivities!
(Pictures taken by Tom Carr - UMW photographer)

Donna, our very pregnant V.P. holds forth at the ticket table.  Baby is due in 12 days!

Alyce (left) was one of the co-chairs of this event, and among other things, wrote a script for the puppet show and  Etta (right), also on the committee, designed the paper hat model for the craft table.

Five decorated tables are in the background, and the craft table for the hat making is in front.

Two of the puppeteers, John and Betty,   broadened the original script and it took on a life of its own, as is the case when creative people join the party! John is the rabbit, Betty is the duck.

Nate is the producer, supervising it all.

The third puppeteer is Sharon who played the lamb.

Bob Fields, the husband of Alyce, sets up the puppet stage.

He hung a curtain on a rod between two  lattice structures, which had silk flowers on them.

Ellen and Alyce discuss what is to be done next.

Donna is in the spirit of it all, wearing a hat!


Brianna and Abby are our enthusiastic greeters, holding a bunny who sings the birthday song!


Abby  is having a great time already!


Meanwhile, the kitchen crew are busy preparing for lunch.

It is serious business making lemonade, as Mary and Ellen concentrate.

Ellen must of cracked a joke!

Who is this intense person? Here I am, serving the home-made potato salad which was out of this world!


Alice, the other co-chair of this event, brings in  the chips. We are talking about something important.
 You can see the homemade cole slaw and the fresh fruit salad as well on the trays.

Tom surprises Alice with the camera! After I sent her this picture, Alice told me, "I remember Tom gleefully surprising me  when I was in the kitchen doing something."

Mary brightens up Carl's day with a smile.


Betty and Alice, who also has tried on a hat!



Clayton and Kate are fascinated with this stapler from the pre-dawn era! 

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