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Birthday Bonanza 2006 - The Party begins-Pge 2

Page 2: Birthday Bonanza 2006 - The Party Begins
After I greet everyone, Maxine Peak leads us in grace before we start our luncheon.

Besides the home-made salads, a variety of Quizmo sandwiches were offered. Our Associate Pastor Diane  Rehfield is pondering which salads she would like!

Brianna Stone gives the photographer a happy smile!

John and Betty and Lynn peruse the food!


Alice and Maxine make sure we have enough salads.
Plenty of sandwiches and salads!
Alice begins the program by introducing Maxine, who had a wonderful devotion about sharing our gifts with each other; gifts which come from the heart, and from our special talents which we are blessed with.

She read some scripture, shared some personal thoughts  and then passed a box around with pieces of paper, which each had one of these gifts written on it. Each person who received a paper, took the microphone and explained why their word was a gift and how they would use it.

Leora is a gifted speaker and always has something meaningful to say.

Harriet shares her thoughts on her word.

It's my turn - This microphone 'thing' is getting easier!

The children and Lynn prepare for their presentation of their gifts for their part in the program

The children share their gifts with the audience. Brianna announces who will perform and the title of the  performer's song.

Clayton and Kate play a duet.

Abby, Clayton's sister, concentrates on her piece.

Reaction shot of Mom Lynn  and Brianna

Clayton, a talented musician, also performs very well.

Kate plays her cello for us.

Kate's mother, Dr. Pat Paulson listens as Bob Fields takes digital movies!

The Puppet Show was a lot of fun and presented the main message in an entertaining manner! 
General Synopsis, (without the hilarity): They discuss that they were at a party, celebrating birthdays, thinking about the gifts that we give each other. They decide to share their talents!

Lamb decides to make a blanket -behind the screen. Audience sees hints of what is happening, while the other two humorously comment.
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