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Visiting C.W. A.'s Shares (account name: tooning53)
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6/03/2007: Nuernberg (Nuremberg) 2 - St. Sebald Church, Fembohaus/City Museum, Kaiserberg/Imp'l C..

6/03/2007: Nürnberg (Nuremberg) 2 - St. Sebald Church, Fembohaus/City Museum, Kaiserberg/Imperial Castle


Rathaus (Town Hall)

Sebalder Pfarrhof

St. Sebald Church

Baptistmal Font

Shrine of St. Sebald by Peter Vischer

The quotation for the photo below reads as follows:
St. Sebald - A monument for peace
The fragile peace between the Church and the City Hall.
But the seeds of violence - already being sown -
begin to germinate in the heads and hearts of too many people.


พอดีจังหวะนี้มีคนยืนอ่านอยู่กลุ่มหนึ่ง ทำให้ถ่ายรูปไม่ถนัด เลยหันไปแชะภาพกางเขนมาแทน

The remains of St. Sebald Church

Albrecht Dürer's Monument

Fembo House or Fembohaus in German

Nuremberg Castle/Kaiserberg/Imperial Castle
ปราสาทนูเรมเบิร์ก(นืนแบร์ก) หรือ ไกเซอร์แบร์ก

The Sinwell Tower

The way down was very tough for me due to my Myasthenic symptom. But step by step and with the help of my dear hubby,
I painfully made it to the market square.

Up next is Würzburg...


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