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2006 May Ni Hao Production

May 2006 Ni Hao Production

On May 27th and May 29th Zebra Four Productions filmed a cooking show for a small start-up company called Ni Hao Production, LLC. This is the 10 hour May 27th shoot.
I gots cameras 
 Andrew and Patrick set up our rented 1000 Watt light, the Chimera
Andrew setting up what is soon to become a 3 TV live feed command center 
Our Lighting equipment 
 Patrick stands by
 Andrew sets up the camera Patrick and Zach will use to film and record our Audio
Kelsi does some quick washing 
Andrew, Zach, Chesley (behind couch) and one of our two producers, Teresa.
 I am well lit

 Chesley and Andrew check cameras in between shots
The Cooking Show's star, Katya 
 The three boys on the set found a common intrest
Kelsi at her Comand Center 
Lunch time! 
This table is a standard feature in my car. I love Honda! 
Zach, our sound guru, and the amazing fuzzy microphone 
 Kelly, one of the producers, looks like she's operating the camera here, Its really me though - sitting down on the job.
 An intimidating group aren't we?
 Getting instructions
12 Hours of footage shot in 10 hours of set time! 
 The most amazing part of the shoot? 100% of all the equipment fit in my car,
 Including Patrick!

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8:19 pm
Richard Carr (richard)
Great shots, my favorite were " An intimidating group aren't we?" and the first photo.  The captains were just the right length.
Jun 23, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
10:42 am
Ian Carr (redlightbulb)
The kids held up well, everyone was pretty out of it by the end of the shoot - But compared to the parents of the kids (who had to get all of the food ready, and gesticulate forgotten lines) the children looked down right peppy by the end. Our crew on the other hand were troopers that I'm sure slept like babies that night.
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