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Part 2: Katharine's Graduation: June 10th, 2006

Part 2: Katharine's Graduation: June 10th, 2006

These are just a sampling of all the pictures Tom took at the actual graduation ceremony. Part 1 AND Part 3 of this event will show the pre and post celebrations!

The family gathers in the stands - Me and Poppa Tom and Nanny Marie.

And in chairs on the grass  of the athletic field, one finds Will, Dan and Nancy!

Jennifer, Nanny Peggy and a surprise guest, Edith, my neighbor and walking buddy, who had come to see her granddaughter graduate too, and we just happened to sit where she was camped out! Knew her granddaughter was graduating, but didn't know she would be at the same field as the Agriculture Department.

Here she comes! Marching behind Dr.Chip Appel, her senior project advisor, an asst. professor, in the Soil Science Depatment.

She was one of 9 people who graduated with her major in Soil Science.

A very happy graduate!

Receiving her certificate (Not the actual diploma) from the head of her department.

This represents a lot of hard work!

And an important part of her future plans.

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Jun 18, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
11:48 am
Katharine Carr (katharine)
those pictures turned out very well! actually, that isn't hte head of the soils department. Thats Dr.Chip Appel ( my senior project advisor) and he's actually an asst. professor. The actual head of the Department, Dr. Hallock was the guy reading the names.
Jun 19, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
8:48 pm
Tom Carr (penpaint)
Yea!! Very nice coverage of the wonderful milestone in Katharine's life. Great photos!!  Gdad
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