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Last May, we received notification that all of the High School classes between 1943 and 1966 were having a joint reunion on October 11th. After some consultation between the siblings, we decided that it would be a good time to do some sibling schmoozing and adventures, and well as attending the reunions. One major candidate for a big adventure was the famous Henry Ford Historical museums in Dearborn, MI. As it turned out, Jim &Jo, and Marie &
I were the only ones who could go. I have made a separate Photoblog of that trip to THE FORD. There is a link to it at the end of this photoblog.
we arrived at the Pittsburgh airport around midnight on Friday, and checked into the Airport Marriot. Lo and Chuck, Jim and Jo came to meet us the next morning, and we had a great lunch at a nearby restaurant. Then we all went to Oakland to see the renowned Soldiers and Sailors Memorial, but we could not get in because there was a wedding in progress. So we all went to Lo's, and schmoozed. That evening we drove to North Side to see the fireworks display that they were putting on to honor our High School Class reunions. Impressive
Well, as you must have guessed, I was just kidding. Pittsburgh was putting on this huge record breaking fireworks show to celebrate the 250th birthday of the city of Pittsburgh, not my reunion!! Just kidding! 
They were firing the rockets from a large group of barges on the rivers, and the crowd was enormous. Lo managed to find some space in a parking lot nearby, and the show was great. Lo found a special sneaky way home to minimize the traffic jams.
I think the display lasted over an hour.e
Our next big adventure was to take a ride on the "GATEWAY CLIPPER", one of the riverboats that tour the local rivers. Here Jim patiently enjoys the sun as we wait to board the boat
Now Chuck has come to join Jim, as Jo and Marie stand nearby watching for Pat and her granddaughter, Amy.
I snuck in for a closeup.
Marie in the white hat is holding a place in the line for me
All aboard!!
The boats dock on the South Side of the Monongahela River not far up from the junction with the Allegheny. We are looking downstream with the Ohio in the distance.
Jim, Pat and Marie
The rivers and the sky around Pittsburgh during the first part of the last century were pretty dirty, but now most everything is nice and clean. As a result there are a lot of pleasure boats in the area.
there are a lot of new buildings built  since my era. Also new bridges, roads, subway, etc.
Looking downriver.
Pittsburgh is known as the city of bridges. I wonder why
The tallest building in this photo is the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Building (PPG), naturally made with lots of glass.There is a parkway built over the wharf, which is very historic. This wharf was the landing place for hundreds of riverboats in the early days of the city. Actually, most of the riverboats that plied the Ohio, Mississippi and Missouri were built along this wharf or in the area. They were instrumental in opening the West.
My mother lived in the Point during her youth, and told many exciting stories about all of the fun and excitement as she walked along the wharf area. Also my grandfather was a a "High Steel" man who worked on buildings, bridges, and the river boats.
That building with the pointed top dates from my era. At night they had color lights that illuminated the top. The color would indicate the weather forecast.!!
Now we are rounding the Point to turn upstream in the Allegheny River.  This point is where the French built a Fort Duquesne in the 1750's so that they could control all the area down to New Orleans. George Washington was sent here by the Governor of Virginia to tell them that this was the King's territory, and to get out. A war between England and France, and others, soon started, and became the first truly world war. The English eventually captured the Fort Duquesne during the French and Indian War, and then built Fort Pitt.  The historic Point, part of Pittsburgh was all covered with houses, shops, etc until the 1950's when it was made a National Park and restored.
Looking to the South where the high bluffs overlook the rivers. You can see one of the few remaining INCLINES that are used to haul people, cars, etc up and down. Some very choice condos with great views at the top.
Looking at the north side of the Allegheny where we see the new baseball stadium.
There are three identical bridges like this, about one block apart. In my era they were known as the 6th, 7th, and 8th Street Bridges respectively. Now they are named after baseball players, artists, etc. 
When I was a senior in High School, I was dieing to go for a ride in an airplane. There was a small company that sold rides in small Piper Cub float planes that took off and landed in the river. I finally saved enough money and took my ride. The plane took off and flew under one bridge and then over the other. What a thrill!!
I would sure love to ride in that for a day!xxx
Looking to the south side of the Allegheny. The tallest building is the US Steel Building. I understand that most of its space is occupied by part of the University of Pittsburgh. Chuck worked here for US Steel for many years.
This is looking to the North side of the Allegheny again. This is the new Football Staium.
we are now cruising down the Ohio, Passing the new Carnegie Science Museum. It is really great, and includes tours of the submarine.
This, I am sorry to say, is a huge new Casino that is under construction.
Now we have turned around and are heading up the Ohio,  with the Point directly ahead, the Allegheny on the left, and the Monongahela River on the right.
Nice view of the city and the fountain at the Point.
Marie, Pat and Pat's granddaughter, Amy, who came with Pat.
There was a very large ornate train station on the South Side, which became obsolete after the demise of the railroad passenger traffic. The station was converted into a series of fine restaurants and shops, now known as "Station Square". We walked there from the boat landing, to have lunch. It was great!
Amy, Pat and Marie.
Thence back to Lo and Chucks delightful, restful home.
The view from the front.
This is the house that is being built on the site where my parents home once stood.
The house is known as a pre fabricated house, made in a factory and then shipped here in large segments.  That pile of stuff in the foreground is really the garage, which will be assembled tomorrow, attached to this end of the house.

Jean Ann and DL have planned to move back to the Pittsburgh area from Ohio for some time. After a long search they found this delightful new home. The moving and set up are still in progress, but you can see how wonderful it is.
The house sits in the middle of a large farm field on the crest of a high hill, about 30 minutes from Lo's home. It is entirely surrounded by woods. I believe that it is about 15 acres. This is the front of the house, and it faces South.
The previous owner had not finished all of the construction, so there is some more to do, including columns on the front and rear porches. DL's office is inside the top window.
This is the West side of the house. Note the first and second floor porches on the North side.
The East and North sides.
Now, let's go inside.
I think that is the Living Room, as seen from the entry hall.
Here is a curved stairway ascending from the entry hall. Careful - the railing is not yet installed!
Another room on the first floor. I am not sure what to call it.
I'm willing to bet that this is the kitchen area!!  How much do you want to wager??
I think this is still on the first floor
We are back in the front hall. The stairs down to very large basement are on the left. I have heard that there are two furnaces and two hot water systems.
Restful spot.
Now I have climbed to the 3rd floor, when DL's "Office" is located. Part of this top floor will also be used for an art studio for Jean Ann.
2nd floor bedroom.
Another 2nd floor bedroom.
Looking down the main stairs.
This is Aaron's bedroom, with his computers in the far corner. He is attending a local college campus that is within 15 minutes of here. 
Aaron and Lo are great buddies.
These are the table and benches that were the center of my parents home. I did not recognize them because they look so small in this large room. But it was great to sit there again!!
Jim and I went out for another stroll. Again, this is the view of the North side.
As I reported above, they just recently moved in (partially) and they have tons and tons of thing they plan to do. They expect to plant some orchards, gardens, and maybe raise some crop at some point. But finishing the house come first.
this is looking to the south from the house - that is their Barn in the distance. But now we are being called for some "goodies"!!
Now, back to the barn. It is really quite high, and has a lower level on the left side viewed from here.
One of the first purchases was this full size diesel tractor. It pulls a large cutting assembly to mow the  yard. Of course, it will be used for many different functions.
This is the lower level of the barn.  This door faces East. I think the farmer kept some animals here
That slotted wooden framework in the background is where the hay was put for the animals to eat. It was loaded from the upper level of the barn.
There are a lot of wild life here.
DL is discussing features of some of these farming implements with Jim.
Here I look back as we depart for Lo's home. We wish DL and Jean Ann and their family all  of the Lord's best blessings, and a lifetime of happiness here for all their family.
Lo cooked another great dinner that evening, and we all relaxed and chatted.
The next morning Jim, Jo, Marie and I drove to Derborn MI to visit "THE HENRY" I have put all of the photos of that trip on a separate photo blog, and you can find the link to it at the end of this photoblog.

We returned from Dearborn on Friday evening, and on the next day we went to this reunion:
Classes of 1943 to 1966
The entrance to the new community center where the reunion was held
Over 500 people who attended the reunion.
This is just one of the rooms that were used.
Here I am with Jerry Martin. We were the two shortest people in our class. He went into the army before graduation and drove light tanks in Europe. I departed for the Navy Air Corps shortly after graduation.
The Lobby is getting busy
This is a memorial to all of the township people who served in the wars. Jim was very impress by the number who served in the Civil war.
This is a plaque for WW II vets that was made many years ago and was on a simple wooden frame near the old High School. It was  moved here when this new memorial was recently completed. 
Here is a close up where those with good vision may be able to find my name. Hint: It is in the middle column.
I love that eagle!!
Lo with some old friends. That is Theresa Kennedy on the right.
Marie, Lo, and Theresa. Jerry Martin in the background.
This is Marie Edna, and Edna Marie!! She came over to reminisce about how I took her to her first prom!! My Dad did the driving, and our old car had trouble getting up the steep snowy hill to her house.
The lady on the left is Joy Simmons, who graduated in Llis' class. She now lives in Utah. I have been chatting with Dick Carrington, a classmate who seems to be doing OK. There were only 4 from our class of 44 that returned" to the reunion: Jerry Martin, Dick Carrington, Dorthy Geisler, and me. A lot are dead.
Two of my very best friends, Bill Eakin and Wes Mckinney, from the class behind me, dropped by for a great chat. But I was so involved that I forgot to take a photo of them!!
Joy's husband dropped by.
I thought that it might be fun to show you a photo of my graduating class. Our wonderful homeroom teacher, Miss Dorthea Roberts is in the back row at extreme left. Dick Carrington is in the front row, extreme right. Jerry Martin is away in the army. Have you found me yet??  I am standing directly in front of Miss Roberts. I wonder what that means. Did she think I was up to some mischief and wanted to keep me within arm's reach. Oh well, we will never know.
What do you think of the fashions?
Now back to the present
Some of Lo's classmates had grouped for a photo, but I was too slow.
After a nice dinner, Lo invited some friends to her house.
Chuck and Jo
Joy's husband, Bill Eakin and his wife Vivian.
Lo and Joy.
Joy's sister and her husband. I'm sorry that I am not good at remembering names!!
Lo is preparing a great lunch. It is Sunday, and Jim, Jo, Marie and I are going to visit Pat after the lunch.
Lo's son, Mark, and his friend Carla, came for a visit from Las Vegas while we were in Dearborn. They have been out visiting friends and  are expected here for lunch.
Another photo of Lo and Chuck's home.
I walked over to see how things are progressing at the house being built where my parents home was.. As you can see they garage is nearly completed.
I expect that it will be totally completed when I visit here  next time.
Jim and Chuck at lunch.
Mark is explaining the features of his new Apple I Phone.
Chuck, Lo, Carla and Mark.
Not sure which photo is best.
After Lunch Jim, Jo, Marie and I headed to Pat's Home.

Here is the view as we arrived. This is such a lovely peaceful place and I really love being here.
We saw quite a bit of color an the way here but nothing matched the Norwegian Maple that Pat has in her back yard
I laid down in the leaves under the tree and took this photo looking straight up! What a sensation.
Pat was down at the lake feeding her fishes when we arrived, but she quickly jumped on her golf cart and zipped up the hill to greet us!!
Jim and I got to take a spin in the golf cart later that afternoon.
Another view of that great tree!!
I had a lot of fun swimming in this lake over the years. It is a very idyllic spot.
Looking up from the lake.
Pat's "Great Room"
Checking out her computer.
Jo and Pat sitting on the porch swing schmoozing and swinging..
Great place to relax.
Marie agrees.
The table is set for one of Pat's feasts. We are awaiting her granddaughter Amy  and her roommate Mariana.
Delightful living room.
We had a great dinner, enjoying conversation with Amy's roommate, Mariana, who is getting her masters in computer Science from Carnegie Mellon. She is from Costa Rica, and both of her parents graduated from Stanford.
Jim dropped us off at our Comfort inn near the airport, and we flew home the next day.
Great trip!! Our thanks to all for their great hospitality!


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Robert Carr (robert)
What a great trip.  The Fall colors are fun to see, but how great that there was a good turnout for the reunion.   DL & Jean Ann's house & spread look wonderful.  I'm so happy for them.
Katharine Carr (katharine)
Great photos! Especially  the city views and Pat's maple tree! As for those 1944 fashions - has anyone else noticed the girl in the front with the Cat faces all down the front of her dress?
Oct 30, 2008  ( 1 comment )  
Christina Roper (croper)
Yes, I also noticed the cat faces, some outfit!
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