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Tree Pole Ties

Tree Pole ties

Tree Pole Ties
 (text added using tinymce editor in March 2010)
Here's what I use
The pole on the left I just put in so that if I needed it I had it.
This is the only young small tree I have. 
The close up is the next photo.
Since the trunk was strong and it didn't have too many leaves I just used one tie, but I added two additional wires
to it so it would be super strong.
This large (and very fast growing tree) tree was planted 6 months ago and since it was tall and had
a lot of leaves and I used 3 poles so that I could get the tree straight (lean slightly into the wind).
Here is a close up
This 5 month old tree really surprised me and grew 2 1/2 feet.  This was the first tree that I tried to do it the standard way
(using 2 poles on the north and south sides) but it didn't work.  I had to add one (my standard way) on the west side.
Notice that you can extend the pole.  I attached a smaller pole to the existing one because the new growth was
too weak (with all of it's leaves) to stand up straight on it's own.  The photo is taken at a slight angle so it (and the house)
look likes it's leaning over.

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Oct 27, 2008  ( 1 comment )  
Cheryl Roper (momroper)
Thanks Rich!
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