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Bedroom Renovation Plus

Bedroom Renovation Plus
At the end of a hall is a first floor bedroom. It is the focus of this project.
Nice windows, but the screens are shot.
And inside, the walls and carpet have seen better days.
Stickers did this damage.
More bad carpet. So the project is to repair the walls, paint them, touch up the trim, install a hardwood floor and repair the screens. Then in my extra time I'll fix a dinning room drapery rod, install a new kitchen fauset, fix the kitchen cabinets and repair and paint some holes in the basement walls.
While filling a bucket to wash the bedroom walls, I found the leaking kitchen fauset to be a major pain. The homeowner had purchased a replacement and wanted me to put it in, so I did it sooner rather than later. Here's the old junk.
And here's the new one. Yes, it's the kind where the fauset spout pulls out.
One bonus for the homeowner is that the area under the sink gets a cleanup too. I adjusted these cabinet doors but will have to get to the rest later.
The bedroom walls were to be painted with the trim just 'touched up'. But that touch up turned into a complete repaint of all the trim and doors becuase the old stuff didn't quite match new white paint.
In this shot you can see a spot on the molding, under the outlet, that's being repaired. It had a big burn mark which I determined was from some outside source (curling iron?) and not from any inside electrical. The walls are covered with primer.
We baby sat Reagan last weekend. She likes the same blocks her Dad played with.
While the primed bedroom walls dried, I did some fixin' downstairs. Here's a patch on the stairway wall.
And here is more patching in the family room. Later I repainted just this one wall. Hopefully there is another project later to repaint the whole downstairs.
Back upstairs, the bedroom walls, doors and trim are painted.
The carpet is out and the nine (heavy) boxes of flooring are in.
The screens on the two bedroom windows were fixed and I added this one next to the kitchen entry. There was enough material and it really needed it. Outside this door is the deck where I set up my saws, etc.
The flooring is a solid oak material being pushed by Home Depot. The style didn't match the rest of the first floor but the color did. Here it is extending into the closet.
Tools of the trade. Note that everything is on cardboard. Even the brass hose coupler is wrapped in non-scratch plastic. Solid wood flooring isn't easy to put down as the boards come with warps and twists just like any solid wood. Even so, it knows when it's meet its match. 
Here's the finished floor and molding. Looks much improved. The homeowner was ecstatic.
I'll return on Monday to finish the molding in the closet (ran out) and put in the treshold. I'll also finish the rest of those kitchen cabinets that need adjusting.
And here is the finished product. The threshold is in and so is a bed! The bedroom and hall floors match pretty well, color-wise.  The hall floor is 'smooth' or 'flush' board-to-board while the bedroom boards have a small 'indent' or 'curve'. 
POLICE! FIRE! HELP! The lady of the house has covered up my pretty floor!
Still looks good though.
And one final shot of the bedroom. The newly painted trim and doors really stand out.
Every one of these cabinet doors needed help. Some screws were stripped in the wood.Others had hinges that were falling (or fallen) apart. I used toothpicks, glue, some new screws and locktite to hold it all together. With some final adjustments, these doors, plus the other have not seen here, are almost good as new.
Here's the supervisor of my little project. He made sure I toed the line.
Till next time (maybe the homeowner's master bath floor) take care.

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